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Become a Professional Article and Content Writer

If you want to become a professional article writer and improve your English writing skills, join this course.

This is a 2 months course, specially designed for beginners and intermediate level writers. You do not need to go out of your home because this course, can be done from your home.

"My Words and Advice To You All"

I am a professional writer. Writing is my passion and this is what i want to teach others. This course is really a big opportunity, to gain practical and professional level knowledge and improvement, in your English writing skills"

Do not go and waste your time, for the institutes, which are charging high amounts and giving you peanuts. 

Learn article and content writing directly from my own practical experience. 

I am not concerned with fees very much. Nominal fees will be charged for this course. 

My brief introduction:

I am a professional writer, teacher, business professional and blogger. I have been writing on various subjects since many years. I have also served as a visiting faculty member of a private university.  

Course Plan - How will i teach you and what you will gain?

 - I will give you practical writing assignments. Initially you will be writing 300 to 500 words articles on given topic. I shall check your articles and identify you mistakes on one on one basis.

 - I will guide you "How to research a topic" before actual writing

 - I will guide you, how to do a "keywords research analysis" for article to get it ranked.

 - I will guide you, how to write a "long form" professional articles ( 2000 to 3000 words per article)  

 - I will give you total of 30 articles assignments, in this 2 months course.

 - I will cover total 10 different domains / areas in article writing. You will become confident after attending this course to write on any of these 10 topics. Examples are "Fashion, Technology, Blogging, Social Media, Marketing, Business, Trends etc"

What you will get after attending this 2 months course?

 - You will become a professional writer, who will be able to start his or her own freelance writing business, both online and offline.

 - You will be able to perform practical research and keywords analysis

 - An opportunity to write for my own blog and my assignments, if you qualify the criteria

I guarantee you that if you attend this 2 months course, you will be emerge as an independent professional writer and can start your own writing business.

Contact me at

Usman Zuberi

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