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Hello Everyone,

This is Usman Zuberi. I am founder and owner of this blog site. I like blogging, social media and writing.

I am also available on Social Media. 

I believe that unique, high quality and informative content and articles are the backbone of any blog. 

My Article Writing Course

I teach and train my students, in becoming a professional article and content writer. 

After attending my course, students easily start their own freelance writing business and earn good amount of money.

I offer different curses in which students are practically and technically trained. 

Following are the brief details of my article writing course:

 - 30 practical and quality assignments
 - Keywords research, analysis and application in an article
 - Niche selection 
 - Direct and one to one supervision of students
 - Articles writing training in different niches
 - English grammar improvement
 - Image selection and usage best practices

This course is provided to students at their homes. It is an online course in which daily practical assignments are provided to the students with detailed guidelines to be followed. After completion of assignment, students email the work. 

Assignments are checked keeping in view the quality and professional article writing cafeterias. Mistakes and suggestions are communicated to students for each assignments.

Free eBook

I share my eBook for free, on "How To Write High Quality Article". You can get the free copy of my eBook through email. Just send me an email with the subject and get your copy.

Few of my famous articles are listed below:

You Can Achieve Anything If You Have A "Burning Desire"

How To Write High Quality, Engaging and Unique Articles

I am a firm believer that if we want to achieve something, which we did not achieve before, we need to do something, which we did not try before".

I am firm believer that smart work and then hard work, pays off. My life is full of passion and continuous work in my fields.

I believe that reading is extremely important to become a good writer and professional blogger. 

The idea behind tecaddicts is, to share original, useful and informative content, with readers, regarding blogging, social media, technology and other related stuff. 

In addition to general information about blogging and online earning, i try to share practical information with my readers. 

You can reach me on my Facebook Page, Google Plus and Twitter through Social Media Links on this blog.

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Usman Zuberi

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