Facebook Testing Downvote Button

Facebook Downvote Button Testing

Facebook is testing the new feature and that is "downvote" button. This is to let the people give negative reactions on comments and the idea is to provide more interactive and engaging sessions, to users of Facebook.  

Facebook is one of the largest social media network with billion of users on the site. The Facebook always keep on trying to meet the needs and requirements of people, through addition of various interactive features. 

Facebook users are increasing with the passage of time due to the options available to users, to express their feelings and easily engage with people and friends, on different posts and pages or groups.

Confirmed on late Thursday that Facebook is conducting a test of comments section, to provide more engagement and record reactions. 

As per the spokesman of Facebook, it is informed that the feature is to explore and get the feedback of people, about the comments on public page posts. Through this new addition it is expected that Facebook would be able to gather more user preference  data 

People will be able to show and express the negative feedback about the comments and this is in continuation of the addition of "Like" button by Facebook back in February 2009.  

Now users would be able to record their unacceptability of the comments with the help of "downvote" button. The feedback will be gathered by Facebook through "downvote" button and the users would not see the downvotes given to the comments.

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