You Can Achieve Anything If You Have A "Burning Desire"

How Burning Desire Makes You Achieve Anything

Let’s start this article with a story about “Success” which tells us that there is only one secret of success.

Burning Desires

There was a young boy who once asked a wise man about the secret of success. The wise man told the young boy to meet him next day near the river. 

Next day the boy goes to meet with the wise man. The wise man asks him to walk with him towards the river. They both start walking. When the water of river comes, to the neck of the young boy, the wise man ducks him in the water. The young boy starts struggling to come out of water. The wise man keeps the young boy in the water until he starts turning blue. After sometime the wise man pulls young boy out of the water and the boy starts taking deep breathe to get into normal condition. The wise man asks him: What was the one thing you wanted the most when in water? The boy replies, “Air”. The wise man says, “That is the secret of success”. 

When you want success or something as badly as you wanted air in the water, then you get the success or that thing. This is the only secret of success.

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Do you know that when you deeply think about something and focus all your energies and actions, to get that thing, you finally get it?

Truly your thoughts when combined with a definite purpose, persistence and a burning desire make the miracles happen in your life. It is the “Burning Desire”, which takes you out from your comfort zone.

Everyone wants success in life but success is a relative term.
To know more about the success, we first need to know about the number one killer of success. That number one killer is comfort zone.

We need to understand the “Comfort Zone”. Without knowing about the comfort zone, you cannot analyze your situation and identify mistakes.

Therefore, in this article, we shall first discuss the comfort zone, which is one of the biggest killers of creativity and one of the reasons of failure, for most of the people.

What is comfort zone?

Comfort zone in simple words is the situation or mindset, which makes you feel fine with your current condition, circumstances and situation. You tell yourself that everything is going right and those who live in comfort zone cannot take immediate actions most of the time.

It paralyses and is one of the biggest causes of making someone poor or failure in life, in terms of wealth and money.

Comfort zone kills the creativity and rules the minds of people.

People who live in their comfort zones and are habitual of doing nothing more or creative in their lives are those who feel that taking risks and changing the situations, are dangerous for themselves.

Whenever anything new happens around them or requires a change in life, these comfort zone loving people get disturbed. They start feeling insecure and doing things hap hazardously.  

How Can You Identify That You Are Living In Your Comfort Zone

Studies have shown that there are few signs, which indicate that you are living in your comfort zone. These signs are as follows:

-       Daily same routine with defined number of hours at work
-       Thinking a change, makes you feel insecure
-       Not having a definite purpose in life
-       Feeling fear, before starting new things
-       Do not learning new things and acquiring more skills
-       Always talking about the success of others
-       Feeling yourself as an average in your field
-       Waiting for weekends and vacations
-       Spending so much time watching TV
-       Sleeping a lot
-       Thinking more about disadvantages
-       Asking for opinion from so many irrelevant people
-       Avoiding company of authoritative persons and leaders
-       Not thinking about new ideas and money avenues
-       Inability to talk to people with confidence
-       Complaining more
-       Seeking those avenues where minimum exposure of work is involved
-       Getting your work done by others or delivering work late

The above list is not complete but most of the signs that show that one is living a life in comfort zone are covered.

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Now we move on to see, what actually is required initially, to get out of the comfort zone. It is proven fact that comfort zone is the number one killer for achieving success in life.

You can achieve anything in your life but to do that you need to develop a particular mindset and take the first step.

First Step to Achieving Anything in Your Life

If you truly want to achieve anything that you really want, the very first step you need to take is, to get out of your comfort zone. This is only possible when you have a “Burning Desire”.

What is Burning Desire?

In simple words, it is a first thought which comes to your mind and make you think deeply about it. It starts ruling your mind and you become so energetic that you make it your life purpose. You agree to devote your life to achieve that initial 
thought which became your Burning Desire.

It is this initial thought which takes you out of your comfort zone.

Getting out of comfort zone means that you are open to the challenges in the process and temporary failures, after facing which, you will get the ultimate success, freedom and happiness.

Success is not in achieving something but it is in the process to achieve something.

What Do We Find In Successful People?

When we study about the lives of different successful people, we come to know that they first identified a Desire and make it a “Burning Desire” for them.

The successful people are not afraid of temporary defeats and struggles in the process of achieving success, because what they focus on is the ultimate burning desire, which they get after going through the process of failures, struggles, rejections and learning.

It does not matter that you must have money or you know the exact path of achieving the burning desire. The path becomes clear once you commit yourself, to some burning desire.

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How to Know That a Desire Is a Burning Desire?

If a thought or desire comes in your mind and you think about it deeply but you do not feel it coming from your very inner, you are not ready to take massive actions, you are not ready to change your life or achieve that desire, than that desire is not your burning desire.

Burning desires are not ordinary desires. Burning desire is basically the starting point for all the accomplishment. When you find some thought and you start doing what you normally avoid doing in life, than chances are that you identified a burning desire.

Burning Desire Will Make You Do Abnormal Things

No matter what are the circumstances, your Burning Desire will make you work long hours, face challenges, face rejections, meet with people, change the existing condition, learn the process of achieving it or do whatever.

You make your burning desire as the biggest and most important objective of your life. Your days and nights are spent on it.

A “definite major purpose” is required in your life and that purpose will be achieved when you have a burning desire to achieve it.

No one can stop you from achieving your biggest aim in life except you. If you are not committed, emotional, focused, greedy and passionate about your biggest aim in your life, then you cannot achieve your burning desire.

You agree to do whatever it takes, to achieve what you truly want in your life and that only happens, when something comes from your deep inner, which enlightens and rule your mind. This is something you make major part of your life.

Not to Quit Due To Temporary Failures

When you surrender in front of the defeats they overtake your mind. When defeats take over mind the easiest thing which people do is “QUIT”. It is a killer of your burning desire.

When you quit, to achieve a desire due to a temporary defeat and go back to your comfort zone then you fail. That quitting from the process is what you regret later in your life.

But when you are one hundred percent committed to achieve your life goal then no matter how many temporary defeats you face, you keep on moving forward after every failure. 

This moving on to achieve the life goal is the key to success. You need to ensure that your life and circumstances do not put hurdles in achieving your biggest desire.

Successful people know that whenever they start new things or projects, they will face various temporary defeats but they are not scared of these defeats, instead they see them as opportunities and part of normal process. They think that these temporary defeats are necessary to maintain the focus and be motivated.

Most successful men in the world have shared their thoughts and experiences, with other people and authors, at different forums that they achieved their biggest success just one step beyond the point, at which defeat had overtaken them. 

Successful people know that the temporary defeats are to convert them in to bigger opportunities.

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Become Success Conscious

“Success comes to those who become success conscious”
It is normal that before success comes to your life, you have to face various temporary failures. If you are passionate about achieving anything which you consider as your burning desire, you will never quit due to temporary defeats instead these failures make you more motivated and focused.

You have to magnetize your minds with very intense desire of riches. Create your mind which become money conscious. 

When mind becomes money conscious, the “biggest desire” becomes money and it takes you to identify and implement plans for acquisition of money.


If you really want to win, you must be willing to burn all your ships and cut all your basis of move back. This is the only way to make sure that you have maintained a mindset which is known as “Burning Desire to succeed and Win the Game”. 

Desiring riches with obsession will bring riches. You have to identify your riches, make definite plans to achieve that riches and your plans must be backed by persistence with no element of failure recognition.
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