How To Craft and Publish an eBook

How To Write and Publish an eBook

Are you a professional writer, blogger or author and do you want to make money from your writing? This article is for you because in this article i am going to share the step by step process of crafting and publishing the eBook.

You might be facing difficulties in publishing your books and selling in the market. Now you don't need to worry more. 

Just follow this article and i guarantee you will find it easier to write an eBook, with all important and key considerations. 

This is a complete guide, which i am writing for you people after reading which, you will be able to completely understand the process from crafting to publishing an eBook on Amazon. You will be left with no reason of not writing your first eBook.

In the process of writing this article i have stumbled upon some discoveries, which you will find in this article.

Lets us first discuss about the processes and key factors involved in writing an eBook.

When Should You Write an eBook?

This is one of the most important question before starting writing an eBook. It is not recommended to every one to write eBook but you can give it a try if you are serious in writing.

Below are few signs or essentials. which if you find in yourself, then you can write an eBook:

 - You love research and writing or you have a story to tell
 - You are an expert in any field(s) or qualified to write on that topic(s)
 - You are a teacher
 - You are a trainer or instructor

It is not necessary that you possess all of the above four signs but the first one is what i believe necessary.

There are lots of people who are writing eBooks based on research and gathering the knowledge. So if you are a researcher and writer then writing an eBook is not at all an issue for you.

Remember that your eBook will be your property, from which you can earn lots of money if you are the lucky one. In case you do not earn money, then at-least you will be an author of a book with recognition.

Why Write an eBook

Writing an eBook is easy, cheap and interesting. When you write eBook, you feel your recognition as an author of a book, which might be the best selling eBooks. But that might not actually happen, so be realistic.

Why Write an eBook

Things To Consider In Writing an eBook

There are important things which you need to consider in writing an eBook.

1 - Lot of work and research

You will need to do lots of research on the topic which you are going to write on. This is because you have to give your best to the people, in the form of eBook.

You can only give best in an eBook, when you know something, which no one else knows or shared before with people.

If you are an expert in your field and in addition a famous personality, then the process will become much easier for you.

2 - Break the process into pieces

Writing an eBook should be done in a phased manner. There should be different sessions starting from brainstorming to end writing.

If you will try to write the whole eBook in one session then productivity and quality of your eBook will decline.

3 - Establish marketing platform side by side

When you have decided to write and sell your eBook, then you should also start thinking the marketing side. This is the hard one because online marketing has different forms and techniques.

These online marketing techniques are important. 

Here are few ideas which you can implement, which will give you some advantage in getting your eBook to be marketed.

 - Start a blog: Blog will be useful to gain recognition and marketing purposes. Blogging also takes time to get recognition, so make sure that you start and take it correctly.

 - Facebook page: You can create your Facebook page for marketing your eBook. Keep the page name as of the eBook.

 - Twitter and LinkedIn: Start socializing on these social media websites. Follow the related people who might be interested in your eBook. 

Increase your followers and connections on these social media websites. This will help you market, when you finally take your eBook live.

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How To Choose The Topic Of An eBook

This is the most critical part of writing an eBook because your topic you will choose, can make you or return nothing.

It is highly recommended that choose that topic in which you are expert or have very good knowledge. 

Do not try to copy the trend and write what others are writing. Choose that topic which you are passionate about.

Do your research before choosing the topic.

You need to make your eBook a challenger brand and to achieve it there must be originality, uniqueness and high quality problem solving information, in your eBook.

The topic must have substance in it. You need to critically think about your eBook and how it will be going to solve problems for readers. 

You also need to consider your online identity, which you have made and shown to people. Try to relate your eBook, with your online identity. Hopefully you created a right identity.

Try To Write Something, Which Is Not Available For Free

Another important tip for writing an eBook is that try to write or produce the material, which people cannot find anywhere for free. 

Think about that the topic or material which you are going to give in your eBook is already available on internet for free. You will waste your time then.

Therefore, it is advisable to identify that topic or material, which people cannot find anywhere for free. 

If you succeed in identifying such topic or material then your chances of becoming a successful eBook seller, will be high. This is not easy but possible. 

In case you don't find such a topic then you must be having a unique selling point USP, for your eBook. This is necessary for getting the attention of people and make a sale.

Try to expand something already available on internet. That expansion should be unique and relevant to the already available material. 

Identify what people are searching and asking from famous people. What are the common concerns of people, for which they are continuously talking and discussing about. 


People love to explore new ideas and new solutions. You as an eBook writer should try, to address these issues of people. 

For example, people generally ask about business startup ideas. You can see that lots of stuff is already available on internet but if you succeed in finding some unique and practical ideas of startups, then you can sell your eBook, to these people.

Similarly, people love to know some smart ways of reducing their weights. Try to identify those smart ways and sell them through your eBook. 

You must have to remember that your opinion will be implemented by your readers so give them the best available solution which must be safe, as well.

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How Long Should an eBook Be

Well you know that a blog post or an article which is considered good and professional ranges from 3000 words to 6000 words, depending on the topic and objective.

Obviously an eBook should be more than an article or blog post. If we take in pages form then 22 to 25 pages must be there at minimum level.

This is because, you are going to solve some problem, educate people or satisfy the curiosity, therefore, this much minimum quantum will be required, to sufficiently address your chosen topic or issue.

Here it is important to note that people want details in a practical form or they are interested in knowing the answers or looking for solutions to some, curiosity filled stuff. 

The examples of these curiosity filled stuff are like: "How she lose her weight" or "How he or she earned billions of dollars" etc etc.

If you are planning to write and publish few pages in the form of an eBook, then it is advisable, to write a blog post or an article.

Think About Your Target Audience

There are various questions which you should consider related to your potential eBook customers and audience. 

This is important because you are crafting and publishing an eBook for people.

Think About Your Target Audience

These questions and their answers, make the process of marketing the eBook, easy and directed. 

By focusing on these questions about potential audience, you keep yourself away from haphazard marketing approach.

Set A Timetable For Completing eBook

You need to set time table for your eBook. This is necessary to know your own progress in writing an eBook.

Timetable will make you organised. You will delicately work on your project. As you are crafting an eBook and publishing it, you need to adopt professional approach.

Your time table should incorporate the element of flexibility. In that flexible time you need to research and go through your progress. You have to identify your mistakes or flaws, in that flexible time.

You have to divide the eBook in chapters or sections. Each section has its own significance and importance. Your timetable should cater to these sections. Allocate appropriate time for each section of your eBook.

Like if you are going to write 10 chapters in your eBook, then your timetable should be set in such a manner that all the ten chapters are given appropriate time, with flexibility. 

Each part of your eBook is very important, so take each part very seriously and give your best shot.

While setting the timetable, you need to think about the most productive and relaxing time, when you enjoy writing. Try to set this time for writing purposes.

Remember, you need breaks and relaxation, in order to bring out best for your readers. You can also revisit your timetable, for adjustment purposes. Like if you could not complete your task, in a set time, then go and reset it.

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Editing Your eBook

Once you have completed writing your eBook, then there comes a editing part.

You have to read, read and re read your eBook. This is very important because when you write something, you can not identify the weaknesses, in the flow of information or text being written. 

But when you read and re read your own stuff and see from independent readers' point of view, then you identify flaws and areas that require more improvements.

There are various types of weaknesses or mistakes which are found when someone reads their own ebook. The common mistakes are:

Editing Your eBook

As you know that you will read your eBook, on computer or some digital screen, therefore, you can adjust and make your reading part more easier. 

Like for example, if you want to give more attention to the particular topic or chapter of your eBook, the cut and paste that portion in some other file in some more easily readable font. This will help you to read as a checker.

You can take help of some other people whom you trust, to give a feedback on your written material. 

Remember that you need to excel and not to be one hundred percent perfect, so take it accordingly.

How To Choose The Title

You can set your title initially before writing an eBook or after writing it. But the main point is that before starting to write an eBook, you need to be very clear about the purpose of your eBook.

You have to choose the great title for you eBook.

When you read your eBook after writing it, then your mind becomes more fresh. You can easily think about the more appropriate title.

When you finally choose title, try to research it on internet. This is to know whether already someone has used this title for eBook. 

You should be having an alternate or choice, in setting your title. So that if you find it difficult, to set the one due to some copyright issues, then the alternative title would be there, for your eBook.

Choose a Title With Domain Name Availability

When you set the title for your eBook, then check for the availability of same domain name. 

This is important because you are going to market it and sell through your own website as well.

If your title and website's domain name is same then this represent more professional approach and the buyer finds your site easily, for ebook purchase purposes. 

This all is for marketing and promotion of an eBook.So instantly register the domain name matching your set title.

Formatting eBook

Now, there comes a part, when you need to format your eBook to make it attractive and in a sale able condition. If you are planning to sell your eBook on Amazon Kindle, then there are guidelines which are provided by Kindle. You can refer these guidelines here.

Here i briefly share some information about the Amazon Kindle.

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Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a series of e readers which devices are used to facilitate users in browsing, downloading and reading eBooks, magazines and newspapers etc. This is marketed by Amazon.

The biggest benefit of the Amazon Kindle, related to, eBook crafting and publishing is that you do not need to worry about the publishers. You just have to write your eBook in a proper and professional way.

The online world has made things much easier for the professionals, who want to sell something or share information with anyone and in any part of the world. 

PDF Formatting of eBook

For PDF formatting, you need to consider following areas:

PDF Formatting of eBook

- Standard page size

Set the standard page size. The standard page size is 8.5 to 11 inches.

- Page setup options

There are options for you to choose the setup "landscape" or "Portrait".

It is good to break the pages in columns, when you use the Landscape format, to make the reading easier.

- Page margins

Use 1 inch generous margins to make reading and printing the easier tasks.

- Images

When you choose images in your eBook, you need to ensure that all the images are appropriately placed and reflected in right manner.

For images you need to ensure that you are not taking the copyrighted pictures. You have options to purchase the pictures and this is the safer way of using the images in your eBook.

It is not necessary to use the pictures in your eBook, unless you consider it very important. But remember that your pictures must be good and catchy for the readers. Otherwise it would be better to avoid using the pictures in your eBook.

- Header and Footer

You have to insert the page numbers and for this use the footer option.

In a header portion, you can add the chapter’s name or other relevant stuff.

- Front end matter and Back end matter

You have to incorporate the front end matter and back end matter information in your eBook.

Like, you have to use the table of contents, copyright information, About the Author and bibliography etc. Make sure that all these stuff is appropriately formatted to be placed in your PDF file.

- eBook Cover

I highly recommend you to get a professionally designed eBook cover. This will be your front part of eBook, so you cannot take it easy.

The cover of your eBook will give an idea to the potential buyers and if they find it attractive and relevant, sale of your eBook is obvious. You need to look into it minutely and professionally.

You can easily find the designers, on various freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr etc. You can get your eBook cover designed here in a professional, cost effective and timely manner.

- PDF format conversion

For conversion into PDF version, you can use the services of professionals on the freelance websites as discussed above. 

But you have to ensure that all the stuff is appropriately converted with links working properly.

When you have completed all the tasks rightly, then you need to test your eBook PDF format from printing point of view.

Take a test print and check whether all the things work appropriately. Go through the print and pages completely. Fix any issues if found.

If you like this article then share it with others. Your comments are always appreciated. 

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