Apple New iOS 11 Feature - iPhone Will Block Messages During Car Drive


It is expected that iPhone will introduce a feature to block messages during the car drive. 

To ensure the safety of drivers and others in the car, this is expected. People urge to see the text messages which they receive during the car drive which poses them and the car to expected dangerous situation.

Apple phones lovers will be excited to hear this expected addition of feature by Apple, to ensure safety of drivers and passengers in a car.   

The feature "Do Not Disturb While Driving" is expected to be the part of new version of operating system, for Apple devices, iOS 11. 

If someone text you when you are driving your car, then automatic reply message will be generated to sender of the message, without disturbing driver. 

The automatic message will clarify the sender that you are driving the car and cannot respond currently.

The message will be automatically generated, when the phone is connected with the car through Bluetooth or cable and the car is in the state of moving. 

All the text messages will be responded automatically and the news updates or notifications will be withhold while driving.

It is also expected that drivers would not be able to use many applications while driving. 

Passengers in the car during the drive could be unlocking the applications for use. Google maps will work but not normally.

Apple's maps and Apples navigation application will be used by the drivers but limited in the sense that input of destinations would not be allowed.

Blocking of messages during car drive, to give security and safety preference is the main objective.


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10 June 2017 at 17:37 ×

iOS 11 is going to introduce more features.


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