YouTube Redesign - More Simple, Beautiful and Fun

YouTube Redesign - More Simple, Beautiful and Fun

You Tube is a platform, which dominates other Video websites. People visit YouTube, for various categories of videos, being posted there on daily basis. It is a great platform for learning, entertainment, education and information etc. 

YouTube team is working on the redesign of desktop experience. This is to make the YouTube, more user friendly and fun to use. 

It is informed that, the preview of new design of YouTube, is given to few people, for having the relevant feedback from users.

Material design, to enable the unification of Google, was introduced earlier, around three years back, in Android version 5. Now the YouTube is going to have a new look.

To provide users with entertainment, beautiful and easy to use interface, the redesign is focused on giving more simplicity, beauty and consistency. 

Simplicity with white backgrounds, will make users, more happier and comfortable in exploring their required videos.

It is expected that visuals that cause distractions, will be removed and users will be able to see, what they want to see. 

YouTube redesign is expected to consider, the consistency of the design across all the platforms of Google. 

This is really amazing. Whether you use YouTube's Mobile App or other device, the beautiful redesign, will ensure consistency for you.

It is informed that the design of the YouTube is created on a Polymer, which is a framework, for instant feature creation.  For details please refer the official YouTube Official Blog

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