How To Write High Quality, Engaging and Unique Articles

How To Write Professional Articles

Writing very high quality, engaging and unique articles in your niche, is a must, if you want to take your writing career and blog, to a very high and professional level and get it ranked on Google.

Do you know that professional writers are earning thousands of dollars per month? Do you know that writers also earn from advertisements and affiliate marketing?

Questionnaire on Article Weiting

There are millions of companies and businesses, which require and hire professional writers, to cover their stories, marketing, making reports, data analysis and products’ promotions. There are lots of online opportunities for writers, as well.

Writing has so much power which one cannot easily imagine. Writers charge good amount of money, for writing professional and unique articles or piece of content.

If you are a writer or want to become the one, then this saying is for you from me:

"The game of using the words can change the life game for you".

Article Writing

Article or content writers know that they can only earn more money, generate more traffic on their blogs, receive comments and shares on social media, if they produce new, unique, in depth and conclusive articles, which no one did provide earlier.

A good writer is the one, whose thinking pattern is different than others. One cannot write high quality or unique article unless he or she thinks “creatively and productively”.

I know writers, who have created their wealth, through writing services. They are earning lots of money. Yes thousands of dollars per month.

Writers and bloggers are in competition with other huge numbers of bloggers. 

Those writers, who get success in creating prominent position in the field of writing, are the ones, who keep on thinking, researching and struggling to provide more better, unique and new articles or information, to be shared on the internet world, for visitors.

Google considers various factors before ranking a website in its search results. If someone wants to know, how to develop a Google friendly website, to get a ranking in its search results, “content” is considered as a king.

Lets us see brief Dos and Donts of article writing:

Dos and Donts of article writing

Your content is your product and you have to sell it. Without good quality and unique content, it is very difficult to make your blog a success.

Writing high quality article takes time and efforts but once process is understood, you tart sharing your impressive blog posts and easily generate traffic. 

Remember that unique articles and content are always searched by people, on the internet because everyone wants to gain new, unique and required knowledge.

If someone wants to write a very high quality and professional articles, then acquiring the “creative thinking” skills become important. 

Creative thinking skills are more related to “out of the box thinking and bringing something new”, which no one did predict earlier.

Professional Article Writing

Whatever your niche, there are two basic and important parameters, which every professional writer or author follows, before, during and after the “article writing process”.

These two important parameters are:

Parameters of Article Writing

Let us see what these basic writing parameters are:

1 – Brainstorming and Writing

What is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a process of generating new and creative ideas, for providing solutions to the problems or attending some undiscovered avenue to bring to the people's attention.

What Is Involved In Brainstorming?

In brainstorming before writing unique and high quality articles, the writer has to think many different and new ideas, no matter how bizarre.

What happens, when you face a new problem in your life?

You start thinking for the possible solutions to that particular problem and analyse problem, from every aspect. 

Why? Because you need to solve the problem and search for best possible remedy.

Similar is the case with high quality and unique article. Your article must be the solution or remedy for one or more problems. 

Your visitors will get what you provided and if they find it relevant to them they will read article otherwise move on to the next available piece of content.

Just few minutes of your brainstorming session, impacts significantly on your whole article. 

Remember that you are writing for the people and people are smart. They know, what to read and what not.

When readers get happy

What you need to do in your brain storming session?

You have to think about your to be written article from start till end.

Let us see how and what factors to consider in brainstorming session:

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A- What Is The Purpose Of Your Article

You should start thinking of, the purpose and objective, of your “to be written article”.

- How Will You Make Your Content Engaging

Once you get the clear answer of the purpose, you need to think of how can you make your content, very engaging for the readers.

Engaging content or article is the one, which a reader enjoys reading, from start till end.

After reading your article, the visitors must gain something new, unique and high quality information or facts. 

In addition to engaging article, content shared, must be the solution for readers and visitors.

- Starting Sentences

Your initial 2 to 4 lines will be the deciding factor to know, whether your article will be read by people or not.

If you did not start with something exciting and relevant, readers will not get excited to read further. 

If people switch from your article or blog to another one, the unfavorable bounce rate will make your blog's or website's position worse.

Your initial article lines should be the eye opener or attractive for the readers. 

Billionaire Example in Article Writing

Believe me you can also become billionaire. Just read this article which is written to make you realize your true potential and learn from lives of these billionaires and supermen".

Now, you can see that in the above opening lines of the articles, readers will become curious, to know the details about the billionaires and link with their own lives.

The best thing is, start your article in a question form. The questions may be thought provoking. 

It will make readers think about the best possible answers and in return bounce rate will improve for your blog articles.

For example, if I start an article like this, then my readers will wait for few seconds, to get the answers in their minds:

"What would you do differently, if you knew, nobody would judge you?"


"Who do you love? What are you doing about it?

These above are thought provoking questions and make readers, think about the relevant answers.

 - Body Of Article

Do you know that professionally written articles are detailed, comprehensive in coverage, understandable, simply written and conclusive?

Let us see these aspects in detail.

It is always suggested that if you want to prove yourself as a good writer, then write very detailed and comprehensive articles. The body part of the article must be comprehensive and engaging.

Body Section of Article

What is meant by detailed and comprehensive?

Let us check them out.

The body part of the article is the one, which links with article’s headline or main objective of an article. You write main and important content, in the body section of your article.

To make an article, unique and of high quality, the body of the article plays a very significant role.

You need to present the real facts and figures in body section of the article, which must give feeling to the readers that they are reading the most relevant content on the searched topic.
You can only write good body content, if you have wide research, knowledge and reading on subjects related to your niche. 

Research and reading will enable you, to produce something new and more valuable for the readers.

In the body section of an article, you have to be very specific to the headline or topic of article. The element of uniqueness, good and informative material must be there.

People are not interested in the same common type information, which is generally available on internet. If they find general information, in your article or blog, they will leave it.

Your Article Should Rock and Go Viral

People want new techniques and tricks, therefore, general recommendations will not work for you and visitors.

It will be very easy for you, to identify the common points and material, which other writers and professionals, have already written and shared online. 

These common points must be avoided or used at a very lower level, in your article, if you want your article to go viral. This is because general information will kill your article’s beauty.

These “common and to be avoided points” can be easily identified, after reading 5 to 10 different articles, on the same topic or subject.

If we take above example related to "How to loose weight", one can easily know common recommendations about losing weight, if 5 to 10 different articles by different writers, are researched online.

You must learn about, how to use good sentences and use them in a flow. Use of, conversational questions, in an article, make it more interesting and engaging.

Content should be such that readers get practical knowledge and information. 

Practical knowledge and tips, remain more memorable, as compared to bookish knowledge. Professional writers always put an element of practicality, in their articles, to make them real for readers.

It is also advisable, to share real life experiences or success stories, related to the topic of article. Real life or success stories are always remembered by the readers. 

Sharing such content helps in getting the revisits on website or blogs by readers. Sharing of article is also increased because people love to share practical and real stories.

Use of screen shots, highlighting the key points and areas, always make people engage with content and gain pin point practical knowledge.

Example Article Writing

It is also advisable to use simple but meaningful sentences in article. Avoid technical terms which visitors would not be able to understand. Do not use jargon.

The length of the sentences and paragraphs should be small. Try to write 2 to 3lines of paragraph and cover the meaningful detail in it.

In article, if you are going to share the steps or important points, then use the bullets or numbering. This makes it easy for visitors to understand and remember.


You have to think about, how you are going to conclude your article. This is as important as starting lines and body sections discussed above. Your brainstorming session must include this aspect.

If an article is not conclusive then readers will be confused. It might be difficult for them to properly understand the recommendations of article writer.

Visitors want surety and confidence from author and if it is missing, then no matter how well did you write your starting lines and body of the article, you will lose marks.

It is recommended that use the most valuable and recommended points from your article in the conclusion section. You must be sure to give conclusive advice to your visitors.

2 – How To Get Traffic

After proper brainstorming session, as discussed above, professional writers know how to generate traffic on the “to be written” article.

Professional writers know their audience and their needs.

Your planning process of writing an article must include audience analysis. You must be sure regarding, where you have to promote or market your article.

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Like, if you are going to write an article on, “How To Earn Millions In Just Few Months”, then you must know that this article will be liked by young generation more as compared to aged people.

You should know where this young generation will be found and how to approach them.

Traffic Sources Social Media

As we all know that Facebook is one of the most influential social media platform, where mostly youth is registered and active. So you found out your required audience.

Similarly other social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus are great platforms to share your article and material. 

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But these social media websites require analysis, to know what sort and background of people are registered there and what they prefer to read and see.

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You can promote your articles through advertisements, on these social media websites at a very reasonable price.

This whole process will make it easier for you to generate traffic and gain popularity of your article.    


To write the authoritative, high quality, unique and impressive articles, you must have to perform the brainstorming session before writing. Your articles should provide great value and key information to the readers. 

Visitors must feel engagement, while reading your article. You need to know the traffic generation modes and avenues for generating significant traffic and shares.

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