How Retired People Can Start Online Business and Earn Money

Are you a retired man or lady living in Pakistan and want to earn from your home? Do you know that you can start your own business or work online? 

Do not worry, if you don't know. This article is specially written for the retired or aged people, who want to do some work from their homes and earn as well.

In Pakistan, there are lots of potential and opportunities, available in an online market and people are already earning through it.

The good news about online work and earning is that, there are no age restrictions, to start working. 

Anyone, at any age can start their online work or business in Pakistan.

As mostly retired people, do not need instant money, because of savings and provident fund or retirement benefits, availed from their last organizations, therefore, they can start an online business or work, without any initial earning pressures. This is an advantage for retired people.

Here in this article, you will find different genuine ways, which are available to you in an online world. 

It is also a fact that online earnings require time and efforts but if you are already skilled, in any field or you have the passion to learn new things or start new ventures, then the online earning process, will be fun for you.

Now let us see different Online Works, which you as a retired person can start, to earn income in Pakistan, as a retired person.

1 - Sell Something on

There are different websites, which provides platforms, where people sell their products. If you have good knowledge about any product, you can easily start earning from these websites.

These websites require registration and SignUp. You can easily SignUp on these websites and start selling your products as a retired person.

Online Product Sales Business

The best thing is that buyer who comes on these websites are not interested in seller's age. Buyer needs products and of your product is good, you can easily sell to others.

One of the website where buying and selling in done is "". It is a very famous website and you can join it after SignUp.

There are lots of products which are being sold online on this website. The products categories, which are sold on this website are: 

  • Clothing Men and Women
  • Baby Products
  • Toys
  • Mobiles and electronics
  • Property and Flats
  • Bikes and Cars etc etc
You have to buy the products from wholesale markets and put those products online for sales. 

Give advertisements on "olx" website, regarding your product or service. This is free. 

For example, if you have any product range, like clothes, toys or bed sheets, which you want to offer people, to buy from you, you just need to perform these tasks, when you post an ad:

  • Go to, 
  • Post your ad details like size, colors, designs, quality etc etc, 
  • Upload pictures of your products, 
  • Mention specification, prices and 
  • Mention your contact number. 

Buyers who will be interested in your products, will contact you, for purchase and negotiation. 

You just need to convince the buyers, for purchase. 

If your deal is done with some buyer, you can have different payment options like "online bank transfer", "easy paisa", "cash on delivery" etc. It is up to you, how you want to manage your payments.

If you get orders, from different cities or parts of Pakistan, you can make arrangements with courier companies like Leopards or TCS, to deliver your products, to the buyers' locations and collect your money from buyer on your behalf. 

2 - Sell Through Facebook or

You can also sell, your products through Facebook. You just need to join the Facebook and create your business page, which is free to create.

Just post your products pics on your Facebook page, with relevant specifications and details. You just need to share your product and Facebook page with your friends on Facebook. 

Sales through Facebook

To get an idea, you can visit any Facebook page, where people are selling different products and stuff.

Here, is the screen shot of my Facebook page, which i created for selling products. You can get an idea of how to place the product's pictures and details. 

Facebook Page for selling products

The best way to make sales from Facebook, is to boost your Facebook page, in different regions of Pakistan. You can choose Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan etc etc to market your products. 

Steps required will be:

-Create a Facebook page, which is free to create.
-Set a name of your Facebook page, (It should be relevant to your business)
-Upload profile and cover photo, relevant to your products or business. Don’t upload others’ pictures due to copyright issues. Create your own logo and pictures,
-Mention your page details,
-Upload pictures and products’ details
-Boost your post by paying Facebook, the advertisement charges.

You need to give few dollars to Facebook and it will market your products as per your requirements. It helps in getting the orders and increase sales revenue.

You can see that there is a button at the bottom left, "Boost" button, which you can use, to market your post, in different regions or parts of the country. 

Here, you will need to specify the audience and regions for advertisement purposes. You must have the credit card for making online fee payment to Facebook, to avail it's marketing services. Facebook charges very low rates, for online advertisements.

You can also make arrangements with, which offers you selling platform, where you can sell products. 

You just need to get registered with them as per their requirements. For details you can visit website. 

3 – Blogging

If you as a retired person have very good writing skills and research habits, then you can start blogging in your interested area or field. 

Blogging requires writing articles and posts, which must be unique and original and at the same time, solution to people's problems. 

Blogging takes time to pay you back. It is only good for those, who want to write and share their stuff with readers across the world.

There are different ways, through which people earn from blogging. These are Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing and Selling.

These terms might be new for you, but you can research about blogging on internet.

4 - Online Tutoring

If you are a teacher and possess good knowledge in any subject, you can start online teaching. 

You need to setup the online teaching system, where a good internet connection, Laptop or computer and a Skype ID is required.

Online Tutoring

You have to market, your online teaching skills, through the online advertisements. The advertisements can be done on Facebook.

Steps required will be:

Create a Facebook page, which is free to create,

Set a name of your Facebook page, (It should be relevant to your business)
Upload profile and cover photo, relevant to your products or business. Don’t upload others’ pictures due to copyright issues. Create your own logo and pictures,
Mention your page details,
Upload pictures and products’ details,
Boost your post by paying Facebook, the advertisement charges,

You can also give ads in classified websites, such as, where you need to mention your teaching skills, subject you want to teach, your email and contact details.

You can easily start teaching online, different subjects, from your home, to any student or person, no matter in which part of the world or city, they are from. This is really a good way of earning online, in Pakistan especially for retired people.

5 - Writing Services

If you are a good writer and have excellent writing skills in English or Urdu, you can offer your writing services. 

The process here is the same as we discussed above regarding, giving advertisements, on or marketing your writing skills through Facebook ads. 

Online Writing Services

You just need to make your ads presentable and professional, to get the orders from companies or individuals. 

You have to describe your writing skills and topics on which you possess excellent knowledge and writing skills. 

Like you can offer your writing services as follows:


My name is XYZ. I am a professional English content writer. I have very good writing and research skills. My subjects are Marketing, Finance and Technology. 

I am offering my writing services. If you want to create your formal Business Reports, Memos, Emails, Brochures etc in English, you can contact me, at my given number. 

I am available full time for writing services. 

Your Name Here

If you want to add more details in your advertisement, you can do so. 

It is advisable that, you make a video ad, of your services or products. You can also use info graphics, when you market your products or services, through Facebook or social media.

There are various online websites, which you can join to work as a freelancer. Few of those websites are,, Upwork etc. 

But there is a lot of competition on these freelancing websites and you need to work very hard to get work from these websites.


If you are retired person in Pakistan and want to earn from your home, then you can easily start your online work process as we discussed above and adopt any business model that suits you. 

You have these options like selling products or services online, online teaching, writing services, Blogging etc. The idea is that you have to identify and adopt that avenue which suits your personality. 

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article which i especially designed for retired people, who want to earn online from their home. I wish you all the best. 

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