6 Factors To Earn Minimum $1000 Per Month From A Blog

No one gets rich by earning minimum wage and doing the mediocre work. If you want to earn good amount of money you need to do the good amount of work.

Blogging is a familiar term these days. Lots of people are starting their blogs. Some will be successful and some fail. Those who will fail are those who are not passionate about blogging. 

Those who will succeed in blogging are those, who start blogging with great passion and focus. there aims are high and long term. They will earn a lot obviously.

Earn $1000 from blogging per month

Blogging is a great platform for passionate readers and writers, who want to share their knowledge and expertise, in a particular field or niche, with readers across the world. 

The boundaries for bloggers are limitless. Earnings from blogging are not easy for beginners but it is not impossible. 

Like any other business, blogging also takes time and efforts, to become a profitable avenue. Blogging is not a shortcut to success.

Lots of handwork and consistency are required, to take a blog up to a level, where money starts flowing in. 

The good part about blogging is that, there are lots of successful bloggers, who have proven themselves and are running their blogs, as a full time business and earning good amount of money out of it.

It is a dream of every blogger that they earn from their blogs and make it a full time work because it is a passion for them. 

I have a belief that if you are passionate about something, then you are more willing to take risks

If you are into the blogging, then i have a question for you.

The question here is: 

Are you earning minimum $1000 per month from your blog?


I tell you that there are reasons, why your blog is not making money. I have liked these reasons with successful bloggers attributes to keep the things simple and easy.

Read this article below and then decide where you stand in the blogging.

I know various bloggers, who earn at-least $1000 per month from blogging. After research and interaction with them, i came to know about few facts, which i found common in these bloggers. 

Although, there is a list of bloggers, who earn much more than $1000 per month but my focus in this article is to show you, how one can earn atleast $1000 per month from blogging.

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Key Factors Which Are Common In Those Bloggers Who Are Earning High

Let us discuss the key factors, which are common in successful bloggers:

1 - Consistency

Success is not always about greatness. It is about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. Dwayne Johnson

To become successful in any field, consistency is must. Without consistency you will not have destination and successful career. Similar is the case of the 

Successful bloggers are consistent. They keep on working on their blogs each day. By each day i do not mean that they write and post daily on their blogs but they market their blogs daily. 

It is advisable that daily writing a post on the blog is good, to increase traffic and keeping blog fresh. 

If someone does not write daily but share his or her older posts on different social media platforms and websites, is also fine. To start earning from a blog, you need to be the consistent writer and marketer. 

Successful bloggers don't give large breaks in blogging because they know that people love to follow and read those blogs, which are active and on the scene.

2 - Learner

The learner always begins by finding faults with an aim to get rid of identified faults.

Successful bloggers keep on learning new techniques and skills, from other Bloggers, Professionals, Websites, Books etc and implement those new things and skills, on their own blogs. 

Blogging requires new and unique material, to engage the audience, therefore, bloggers always keep on searching the unique and quality material, to cover on their blogs.

Successful bloggers learn everything, which is a trend and followed by other professional bloggers. They attend courses and invest money in themselves and their blogs. 

It is a fact that you cannot become a good blogger or writer unless you read a lot.

They utilize tools and implement techniques, to make blogging a better business and a success. 

3 - Specific

Successful bloggers are specific. They identify a niche and master in it. They specialize in it and try to research each and everything in that niche, to make their own blog, a success

Research makes them implement new ideas and content, which readers enjoy and learn from. 

Successful bloggers who earn lots of money, know that research is the only way to bring something new and fruitful for the readers and audience.

The objective is to keep the blog fresh and update. Without reading and research, blogger is no more a blogger.

For example, if a blogger is working on Fashion Blog, then he or she will be more specific, in his field, like Men's Fashion or Women's Fashion etc etc. He or she will try to research each and every single thing about his niche, to bring something new and avoid useless and already available stuff on the internet.

When a blogger becomes specific, blog gets an identity and turns in to a brand name. People love to read and refer the specific blogs. From Search Engine Optimization SEO, point of view, specific blogs get more traffic.

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4 - Motivated

A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning. Pat Riely
Successful bloggers motivates themselves, to keep on doing more and better. This thing takes them to a level where they start earning from their blogs. 

Without motivation one can not do blogging. To keep themselves motivated they learn from professional bloggers and act upon the advice.

I my self take motivation from different successful bloggers and whenever i hear their stories and success, i get recharged and keep on moving.

Every successful businessman has a mentor. Similar is the case with successful bloggers. 

Successful bloggers form a community and work with other successful bloggers. 

This community gives bloggers, an identity and people start following them. Remember that, whenever, people start discussing about you, no matter good or bad, you become famous.

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5 - Social

Do you know that Marketing on Facebook "Turns Users Into Customers".

Successful bloggers are social. They are not the kind of blogger who just confine him or herself in a room and works whole day on a Laptop.

You need to ensure that people around you or in your region, know you as a blogger. Your work should be shared with all the people in your region or city at-least. 

I know this is not easy but you have to try it to make an identity.

When a blogger is known by people, he automatically gets traffic on bog and people share known bloggers' stuff and this way bloggers create their identity.

Another way, bloggers get themselves in front of the audience is social media marketing. 

They are active on social media. They share posts, tips, techniques and other related material on continuous basis. 

6 - Problem Solver

Successful blogger always try, to solve the problems of people and their readers, which are related to the blogging niche. 

It is a fact that whenever someone solves problem of others, the money starts flowing in.

Example of a Blogger

There is a blogger, who is an American and is earning around $10000 per month from blogging. 

He is running his blog on Health. He always tries, to share the healthy stuff and exercise tips, which people want to learn and read. 

He gets most of his traffic from social media websites, in addition to organic traffic. His focus is to pinpoint the problems people face in health, and posting the relevant material to go viral. 

I also try to bring something new in my articles which make people think in a new way.

Successful bloggers conduct seminars and webinars, for people and readers. 

They try to give value to the readers and followers, this way. This ultimately gives them traffic on their blogs and follower ship on social media. 


To become a successful blogger and earn atleast $1000 per month, you need to implement above 6 factors which are common in successful bloggers. 

You need to be consistent, learner, specific, social, motivated and problem solver.

If you implement these 6 factors in to your blogging, $1000 will be nothing for you. Believe in yourself and start implementing these today.

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