36 Signs That Show You Cannot Become A Billionaire

Are you interested in becoming a billionaire. Well, every body wants to become a millionaire or billionaire today, but the fact is very few people achieve this money goal.

36 Signs That Show You Cannot Become A Billionaire

Why is it so?

People take the money very easy and think like, one day money itself will come at their door step to surrender. This never happens actually. You have to surrender yourself, in front of money.

Becoming a millionaire or billionaire requires continuous work in a particular right direction. You have to become obsessed and believe that you deserve it.

You need to follow the money and give your time, energy and money to get the money. Money attracts money like a magnet.

Believe me, if you are away from money, you will always remain away from it.

I have few quotes of mine for you, here"

If you target bottom, you will be in the bottom,
If you target middle, you will be in the middle,
If you target top, you will be at the top,

These quotes of mine, work in real life. 

You can see people around, who think mediocre and they remain in the same state. Why? Because they are not giving attention to money and money making process.

Remember, becoming a billionaire requires, your full attention and time. You are responsible for your actions.

Being a gold digger is a good thing. 

You need to search for the goal while working. 

If you go to your work or job daily in the morning but you are not following or getting the required money, believe me, you are wasting your time and efforts. 

Here, i am sharing with you 36 signs, which show that you can not become a billionaire.

Signs Which Show That You Are Not Serious To Become A Millionaire

These signs are:

  1. You give excuses about your work or job
  2. You like your status quo
  3. You do not want to dominate
  4. You always follow others and don't have your own plan
  5. You do not want to become, a challenger brand
  6. You fear to change yourself or your location or condition
  7. You wake up late in the morning
  8. You do not plan your tomorrow
  9. You wait for times up or 5 PM
  10. You like going out with friends regularly
  11. You feel embarrassment and leave work, when some one rejects you or your product
  12. You spend your time on social media and keep on scrolling the statuses and gain nothing
  13. You do not acquire new skills, according to current requirements
  14. You do not invest in yourself or read money or investments related books
  15. You keep on thinking about successful people and do nothing for yourself
  16. You are habitual of taking advises from irrelevant or failed people
  17. You do not increase your social circle and your friends circle is a looser circle
  18. You follow the conventional methods of earning money, which are no more applicable
  19. You follow your elders, who did not achieve big in terms of money
  20. You take advises from those who themselves did not try to become millionaire or billionaire
  21. You work 9 to 5 and five days a week
  22. You wait for weekends
  23. You like to be in the cool state of mind
  24. You do not learn about risks and rewards
  25. You are freaking lazy
  26. You rely on one car only and do not want to buy more
  27. You waste your time listening to those who are not related to you
  28. You like to be on the back
  29. You start blaming others for your failures
  30. You do not talk about money
  31. You do not invest your money and expense out more
  32. You buy expensive clothes and accessories regularly
  33. You do not use your brain to identify those avenues, where there is no competition or low competition
  34. You feel fear to meet the strangers
  35. You stop your learning process or feel yourself superior
  36. You do not spend time with successful people
These are the 36 killer signs. These signs show that if someone is having these signs, in his or her life, becoming a millionaire or billionaire then, is very difficult.

Remember that:

Being poor is a choice

If you are from the middle class and do not strive for, to join the billionaire group, you will soon become a poor man. This is because inflation levels and your lifestyle will grind you. You will be thrown in the third tier that is a lower class.

How To Become A Billionaire

Now the question arises here. How can you become a billionaire?

This is a very important question and you have to identify the answers to this. 

Let me tell you few ways, which can make you a billionaire or millionaire at least.

The ways to becoming billionaire are:

1 Become a challenger brand

What is a challenger brand? 

Challenger brand is a brand, which does not follow others but others follow it. 

You need to set your own strategy, plan and follow it aggressively. Make commitment with yourself, that you are going to become a billionaire. 

If you follow big names, you will not become challenger brand because you can not initially reach up to that level, so you just have to make your own way according to your circumstances and resources. 

2 Kill Your Comfort Zone

You really have to kill your comfort zone to become a billionaire. Your comfort zone is your biggest enemy. 

What is comfort zone?

Comfort zone is your present status and condition, with which you are satisfied and do not try to go step up the ladder. It kills you. 

Believe me, those who do not get more, actually live in their comfort zones and fear the change.

You need to take risks and actions, to get out of your comfort zone. 

Give yourself strict and rigorous targets, to become billionaire. 

Change your location, company, job, business whatever, if these are hurdles in your way of becoming billionaire.

Your targets should be like, you have to double your profits, in just one or two months, no matter hard. 

If you set these types of targets and act according to your defined billionaire strategy and plan, you get to, millionaire status, at least.

3 Follow The Money

Work close to money. If you are working or doing a job, that pays you less, you are doing wrong. You have to identify those fields or  work places, where money flows. 

Come closer to the money and learn the rules of making money. Whenever you pay attention to the money, money will give you attention.

Become the part of sales teams. Sales people are very smart and earn handsome commission. They learn the art of selling anything.

4 Give Business or Help Companies To Get More Business

Every company or business, want to make more money or expand business. Companies pay good money, if someone, helps companies or businesses in making money or increasing businesses.

You just need to help out few companies to generate their incomes and expand their businesses. 

Become agents for the companies and businesses. This way you can become a billionaire, over the period of time. Learn the art of selling and marketing. If you know the selling process and actually sell products or services, you will win the game. 

But every salesmen is not a successful person. I must say here that these unsuccessful salesmen are responsible for their own failures.

5 Talk About Money

You need to talk about the money, to understand the money. Here talking about money is to learn from billionaires and try to get together with them. Gain money germs, from rich people. 

Take out time and go meet with billionaires and millionaires. Try try and try. Don't wait and accept failure. Take massive actions to get their advises as soon as possible. Act upon those advises as well.

6 Meet With Strangers

You have to meet with new people regularly. If you meet new people daily, you will find ways of making the money. It is a great learning way. Meeting with new people means to interact with those people who are earning well in different fields or businesses.

The biggest advantage of meeting with strangers is that your social network increases. If you are not social, it means, you loose opportunities. 

Plan out weekly meetings with new people in your area or city. You can also interact with professionals on different forums online. Here the objective is to learn from different people on weekly basis.

Try to meet 10 new people every week. These 10 people should be from different backgrounds, It will be better if you ask for direct help or advise from these people but in a professional manner. 

You are not there to beg instead gain advantage of their experiences. Believe me people love sharing their experiences and this is a great way to get the billionaire points easily.

7 Assets Building

You need to build assets. Invest your money and do not expense out. If your expenses are major pat of your income, then you are wasting tour time and money. 

Spend after savings and invest those savings every month. 

Identify different means of investments. Listen to investors. See around yourself, what investments opportunities are there. Identify the assets to be purchased. Build assets portfolio. This is possible only when you save more to reinvest. Improve your earnings regularly.

8 Create Multiple Sources Of Income

You just have to create another sources of income in addition to your main sources of income. If you are not doing this, you are again wasting your time. 

Every billionaire and millionaire has more than one business. The secret of becoming a billionaire and achieve financial freedom, is to create more sources of income.

Start small businesses and see them grow. You will learn new things, this way and confidence levels will shoot up. 

Identify these sources of income, You have to research and identify, new earning ways and learn them. After research, learning and relevant advises, you need to take a start at lower level initially, to avoid big loss.

Gradually increase the levels and reinvest the money.

9 Stop Playing Games and Use Social Media To Waste Your Time

You need to be laser sharp focused, on becoming a billionaire and have to stop playing games and using phones, to waste your time on social media. These are hurdles in a way to become a billionaire, if not used constructively.

Social media is not bad but people use it wrong. They do not know the power of social media, to become a billionaire. They think that social media is for passing the time only and this is really a big misconception.

Social media has made it very easy for us to become a billionaire or at least millionaire. You can easily start and grow your business, with the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc etc.

Think about how you spend your time on social media and decide.


You have to follow the money. You have to avoid 36 signs discussed above, to become a billionaire or millionaire. Set your targets very very high and look for unprecedented growth. Take massive actions in right directions. Learn the process of becoming a billionaire, devise your strategy to go through the process and become billionaire. 

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