Why Email List Is More Powerful Than Social Media Friends and Followers

Why Email List Is More Powerful Than Social Media Friends and Followers

Email List is More Important

Blogging is a great platform and people who love to read and write, join blogging as a career. 

A blogger first do the research and keywords analysis on the topic on which he or she is going to write on. After research and analysis, actual article is written. There comes a time when you need to share your article with people and first think which comes to your mind is the sharing of articles on social media websites. 

Every writer or blogger needs appreciation, on his or her work. But very few writers succeed in creating a recognition for themselves.

Writers and bloggers know that there are various ways of sharing their work with audience or visitors, on the internet. These include sharing articles on social media websites. 

But is this a permanent solution?

Various article writers and bloggers do mistake of not understanding it deeply and they keep on sharing their articles, on social media websites, in the same fashion. 

Here in this article, i will first share the common mistakes which people make on social media websites and the i will cover the long term solution, to the problem of generating the readership and traffic, on the blog or articles.

Mistake Bloggers and Writers Make

Bloggers share their articles or posts, with their friends on social media websites, in the hope that their friends will regularly read their articles and posts and give responses. 

Very few friends and followers on social media click on your shared links and read your shared articles. This is a truth.

Why Very Few People On Social Media Clicks On Your Links

There are various reasons to this. Probably your friends on social media websites have no interest in the topic, which you write on or they do not trust you as a writer.

Suppose, if you write articles or blog posts daily or twice a week and share your written stuff, with your friends on Facebook and on Facebook pages, or other social media sites, what do you expect?

Believe me, many of your friends and followers, are not interested in clicking on your shared links and even if few of them click on your shared blog link, they do not read properly or completely.

Sometimes they will only click on "Like" button to show you, as they are interested but actually they are not. Very few of them read and share your articles and posts with others.

This is, by the way, a normal process. Think about your own experience on social media websites.

When you login to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, you find dozens of articles and blog posts being shared by different people. 

Do you click on those posts or articles? 

Do you read their shared material? 

I guess no, or rarely you do.


Because you probably look for some amazing articles written by famous bloggers or writers.

Actually sharing of articles and posts on social media websites are good but not very fruitful way to generate the traffic. This does not work in the long run. It is a "fail strategy for beginner or intermediate level bloggers".

My Experience

If i talk about my own self and experience, I do not click on blog links on social media websites, which people share because majority of the time, i feel not interested in what people usually share.

This is not because i am jealous or like a superman. 

I just want to utilize my time on social media sites, as efficient as possible. 

I try to get the most efficient and informative stuff on social media websites, which very few people share actually.

What People Generally Share

Mostly people share posts for their own benefits and very few of them share unique, helpful, informative and original material. 

Generally, people try to trap others for getting clicks on their links, but when someone clicks on the shared link and try to get the desired or required information, from the article, he or she finds no related information or finds main information missing.

I know various bloggers, who regularly post stuff on social media but don't get results. 

They biggest mistake, bloggers make is they keep on trying to win confidence of their social media friends and followers. They want to be famous among their few friends, who majority of the time are not interested in your work.

Another mistake bloggers or writers make, is the sharing of poor, common or useless articles.

Remember that already shared or public information on social media, do not get the clicks pr traffic.

What Is The Long Term Solution

So what is the solution, which is more reliable then social media sharing and marketing?

I personally guarantee you that if you have an email list of people, it will give you more readership and traffic in the long run as compared to social media websites.

Social media websites work good when you spend money, to get the views and traffic. Social media marketing is good when you sell something. I covered it in details in my article Marketing on Facebook "Turns Users Into Customers"

What i am talking about is to get the views and traffic without spending money.

What You Have To Do?

Do not think only about, your social media friends, followers and social media related marketing. 

You need to create your own audience, through creating your own email list.

To gather the email addresses of people, you need to give them value and benefits. I will cover this later in this article.

What you need to focus on then?

The basic and fundamental of blogging, without which you can not generate the email list is:

Writing very good, comprehensive and informative content because "Content Is King"

Here, i am not saying that social media is useless but you need to understand and adopt the long term solution.

How You Will Create Your Email List:

This is a long way process. You need to be patient. I am showing you below, 7 different ways from which your email list can be increased.

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1 Search Engine Optimization SEO

If your blog or website is good optimized for search engines, you will gain more benefit than social media marketing. 

Original traffic is more important then temporary traffic from social media sharing and marketing.

SEO takes time and is actually a magic which you apply to your content and website with some off site activities. 

If your traffic from search engines are good then you can have relevant email addresses. 

Because those who come from search engine to read your blog posts are basically the relevant people or audience. 

Their email addresses are more important for you and the only way to get their email addresses, is through "Good and Quality content".  

People will approach you if you have good writing and information. You will be having email addresses automatically.

2 Subscription Of Your Blog

If you are a good writer and brings something new and useful, every time for your readers, then you will win the race. Getting email addresses will be peanut for you. 

People will subscribe your blog and give you their email addresses easily.

3 Seminar or Event Launch

Another way to create email addresses is to launch some event and market it through your blog or social media. 

You need to catch the attention of people regarding the event. Give them option for registration for event, on your website or blog. This way your list will be increased.

4 Giveaways

Here you need to spend some money. Start an activity or quiz, where prize will be awarded to the winner. 

For example, start an activity related to your blog, where people get them registered for participation. 

Give them some task and announce a prize that will be awarded to the winner. Like if you decide to give cash prize then announce it publicly.

5 New Email IDs

Whenever you meet new people, ask for their email addresses. If they don't give then move on.

6 Join Email Sharing Forums

Join different discussion forums, where people share their email addresses, with each other.

7 Gather Email Addresses Continuously

You might have experienced that we see email addresses of people, in front of us and we ignore them. Why? Because we don't need those email addresses.

Now, if you are a blogger, then you need to gather those email addresses, which people shared openly at some forum.

Plan Out Your Future Blog Posts Sharing

When you get significant email addresses, you can easily set a schedule of your blog posts and sharing it with people through regular email communication. 

If you have proven as a good writer or communicator then people will love to read your stuff. This will give you more traffic and earnings.

The more effective way is the micro analysis of the email list which you have created. Micro analysis means that you can analyse your email list region, country or city wise. You can think about the preferences of those people, whose email addresses you have now.

This requires efforts and time but this approach can give you millions of traffic per month.

For example, if i have email list of 200,000 people and i have done analysis of these emails from geographic, preferences, gender and age point of view, then think much can i get the benefit from my email list in future.


For me the only way to get the success is to make others happy or successful. How? Always try to solve the problems of others. 

When you succeed in solving the problems, your readership and fan following increases automatically. You will have email addresses as well which you can use, to help out people in future.

Your objective of email gathering should be to share useful, helpful and real problem solving articles. Don't expect that people will follow you, if you share common or publicly available material, which one can easily find out from the internet. 

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