Socializing With Dispersed Facebook Friends Now Possible - Virtual Reality


Have you heard of the word "Virtual Reality"? Probably you have. 

Let us, see the brief introduction of Virtual Reality here, as this is going to be the base of this article and hot news from the Facebook.

Let us see the details.

Virtual Reality Socializing Future As Per Facebook

What Is Virtual Reality VR?

Virtual Reality VR is a computer technology, where Virtual Reality Headsets are used. 

The purpose of these VR headsets is, to generate the sounds, sensations and other various realistic images, for the creation of some imaginary images and world, which people perceive to be in.

Virtual Reality Facebook Socializing

In VR, the physical presence of users are simulated. This simulation takes the people in imaginary world and scenarios.

VR is related to the three dimensional 3D environment that is a basically a 360 degree dimension.

If you use the VR headset, you will be entered in the 3D world of imagination where your interactions will be started with, the images being displayed, in the headset.

What Facebook  Has To Do With VR

Facebook, as we know that one of the biggest social media platform where billions of users from all over the world, are registered and visit the site on daily basis. 

People socialize on the Facebook with their friends. Share information, videos and other stuff on the timelines.

Now let us move to the update from the Facebook regarding the Virtual Reality.

Virtual Table in Virtual World

According to Facebook, Virtual Reality is a future of socializing. Through the use of Virtual Reality Headsets, get together with your friends, who are dispersed at different locations in the world, is possible. 

The concept is of the Virtual Table, where friends can sit in front of each other, through the use of Virtual Reality. Facebook spaces and app, used for the purpose.

The Facebook announced this in a conference held in the current month, where Facebook also discussed different other products.

The focus in the conference was on the Virtual Reality VR, as a future of socializing. This is relevant because Facebook is one of the largest social media website in the world. 

The VR technology is going to be used to promote social activities, where people can socialize with their friends,through VR. Chat with a friend in a 3D VR environment is possible with the use of VR App. 

The best thing about VR use in socializing is the magic of presence, when actually you are not.

Virtual Assistant Facebook Socializing

Imagine that you are having a hangout with your friends, in a room, when actually you are not in the same room or place. 

This is possible through VR.

Create Your Virtual Self

Using the photos on your Facebook profile, you can create a sort of virtual self. Your friends can join in your virtual space.

Create Your Cartoon Styles

Facebook spaces lets you represent yourself, in the virtual world, as a cartoon avatar. This is to be based on one of a photos of yours on Facebook. 

Several people can be brought in VR space, through the use of Oculus Touch Controller.

360 Images and Videos

360 images and videos can be coated from your Facebook feed. 

This is to jump or dive quickly and energetically, with your friends who are having the same manifestation as yours, in the Virtual world. The snap with your friends through 2D is possible.

Virtual Reality lets us communicate, more easily, using non verbal signals such as various gestures and expression. 

These facial gestures and expressions make the communication easy and effective. VR communication is better than video communication.

VR Headsets Wooden Images

VR headsets shows the wooden images which is obviously not a natural image display. 

This is what people don't like because of not having a natural touch, in the whole VR communication process.

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