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Search Engine Marketing SEM For Generating Traffic from search engines page results SERPs

Website owners always try to find different ways, to generate traffic, on their websites for earning revenues. They use different techniques and methods to make it happen. One such method is Search Engine Marketing SEM.

They apply search engine optimization SEO, share links and stuff on social media websites and other link building websites or forums.

The magic of Search Engine Optimization SEO is applied on the content, website and off the site through the application of the components of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

SEO takes time to show off the results and it is a continuous process, therefore, there remains a need to generate the traffic on the websites.

Let us explore SEM.

Search Engine Marketing SEM

Although SEO is a type of SEM but it is a way of generating natural traffic from search engine results pages SERPs.

Here the question arises.

What is SEM?

SEM is the type of a marketing where the ads are purchased by the site owners, on the search engines, to generate the search engine traffic.

SEM is a speedy process of generating the required traffic, on a website. The reasons of generating traffic mainly are to generate the sales leads and make actual sales of products and services.

SEM is also known as a paid search ads or paid search marketing, which is basically a internet marketing.

Let us see how SEM works.

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How SEM Works

SEM works in a way, where a website is promoted in search engine results pages SERPs, to enable more visibility, through paid advertising.

Objective Of SEM

The objective of SEM is to make the website visible for the visitors, who search for specific information, in different search engines like Google or Bing. 

This is done to generate traffic on websites, to give some meaningful output to website owners.

Types Of SEM

There are two types of Search Engine Marketing SEM. 

These types are Natural or Organic SEM and the other one is Paid SEM.

SEO falls in natural or organic way of generating traffic for the website.

To enhance Pay per Click PPC and to get the higher rank in SERPs, website content and architecture are adjusted in SEM. 

What id Pay Per click PPC

PPC is an internet advertising, to generate the traffic to the websites, where publishers are paid by the advertisers when ever the ads is clicked.

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How Websites Are Optimized Through SEM

Paid advertising is used in SEM, with Google AdWords or Bing Ads. 

Keywords analysis is required for the SEM and it requires regular updation based on changed scenarios and applicable current best practices.

The main objective of SEM is to get the higher ranking for the website in the search engine results pages. 

What You Should Know And Work On For Effective SEM Campaign Launch

There are various things which must be worked on for effective SEM. 

These are as follows:

1 - Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly

There is a need that your website is visible in the search results, because you are going to market your website in the search results. You need to work on the SEO for your website. 

This can be done by following the basics of SEO which covers both On Page and Off Page SEO and apply on the website.

2 - Identification of Basic Issues In Your Website

You need to look for the basic issues which might cause problems in the application of SEO. These might be your meta tags, title etc. You need to work on these issues and resolve them before moving forward.

3 - Work On Keywords That Drive More Traffic

Your goal is to get the maximum traffic from search engines and convert that traffic into customers. 

To do this you need to perform analysis of the keywords that match your business or service search, because people will land on your webpage through keywords search.

4 - Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

Traffic coming to the website shows behavior. That behavior needs to be analysed and monitored. This is necessary to know the bounce rates of your website.

If your website is properly marketed but the visitors landing in your site leaves the page instantly then all your marketing campaign is a waste. 

It is advisable that. make your website and built the content in such a way that the bounce rate is minimized and user engagement is created.

You can use Google Analytics which is free and amazing platform to monitor the traffic, sources and other related matters.

5 - Link Building

The ranking of the website is very much related to the inbound links. There must be the inbound links to increase the authority of a website.

The Inbound links can be generated through linking with other reliable websites and approaching different forums, to resolve the issue of inbound links generation.


SEM is a great way to increase traffic on the website and increase brand awareness across the web. Businesses can turn the traffic into customers after SEM and generate revenues. SEM is measurable and takes little time to setup. Many businesses are getting benefit by utilizing the SEM campaigns.

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