Off-Page Search Engine Optimization SEO 2017 - ESSENTIAL STEPS

This is in continuation of my previous guide post, which was related to the On Page Search Engine Optimization SEO. 

In continuation, this is the second guide of the SEO, for 2017 optimization strategies, related to Off Page SEO.

SEO is basically a campaign which consists of many factors usage and implementation. We know that SEO consists of 2 main types. One Is "On Page SEO" and the other is "Off Page SEO".

In my previous post, I covered in detail about the On Page SEO which you can refer as a guide to implement On Page SEO for your blog or website

In On Page SEO guide, we discussed the Content, HTML Coding and Meta description etc, which are very important from SEO point of view.

Now, we are going to cover the "Essentials of Off Page SEO", for a website or blog.

Before starting the Off Page SEO, I would like to mention here again, the definition of SEO and Organic Traffic, although i covered it earlier in my On Page SEO post.

Off Page SEO Website and Blogs

Lets see the definition of SEO.

Definition of SEO

SEO is the process of optimization of content provided on a website or blog to affect the visibility of blog or website content in the search engine results.

What Is Organic Traffic

Now look at the meaning of Organic Traffic.

The traffic which is received from the search engines directly, is known as the “Organic Traffic” or “Natural Traffic”.

Why Is Organic Traffic Important

Organic traffic can be converted into customers easily and it also improves the ranking of the website by Google search engine and others. 

Organic traffic is considered as the real traffic, which is interested in the particular content being searched by people comprising of that traffic.

Here we go now to know about the Off Page SEO

What Is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO is related to all the stuff or activities, which you will apply at the back end or off the website, for generating organic traffic.

These are those SEO activities, which you have to perform, outside your website. 

Search engines like Google, pay equal importance to Off Page SEO,which it pays for On Page SEO. 

As a website or blog owner, your website should be well Search Engine optimized.

Following are key areas, which are covered in Off Page SEO:

- Link building

- Social Media

- Social bookmarking

Why Is Off Page SEO important?

Before going in to details regarding Off Page SEO factors and components, it is important here, to highlight the importance of Off Page SEO.

The Off Page SEO is important because it helps in diverting traffic to a website from different other websites and social platforms. It means that traffic coming on a website might be coming directly from search engine results or from other linked sources.

What You Need To Do For Off Page SEO?

Your website or blog needs to be promoted, to generate the traffic on it. 

You need to establish:
  • Number of quality links, also known as back links, at different forums, social media websites and other websites, 
  • More visits and more reliability of your page and domain,  

To do these tasks, certain back end actions are required to be performed by you, as a website or blog owner.

8 Important Factors of Off Page SEO

In Off Page SEO, there is a need to develop or do following actions. These are 8 important factors, for Off Page SEO, which are as follows and discussed below:

  • Trust on a website or blog;
  • Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA;
  • Bounce rate;
  • Domain age;
  • Quality backlinks generation on different and related authoritative websites;
  • Social media sharing and presence like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc; 
  • Improving website ranking and
  • Your profile linking with your website, to establish an identity of your blog or website;

1 - Trust On A Website or Blog

Your Blog or Website should also be linked, with your social media profiles. This is important because readers feels the authority and reliability, when the information shared on your website is linked with your background and identity.

Google also gives it importance that your website or blog, is a trusted site among the readers, therefore, the chances of your website or pages selection, in search engine results increase when these factors are considered.

You can see that there are various brands which are trusted, therefore, Google likely gives them importance and show them in search results, whenever related key word is searched in search engine by random users. 

Legitimacy of your site is important for search engines.

Lets move further in detail.

There are basically four areas, which are crucial in building the trust. 

Lets see these 4 areas one by one:

2 - Domain Authority and Page Authority

 - Domain authority is related to your domain name and its popularity, in simple terms. Like is having excellent domain authority.

Domain authority is  score developed by Moz, to predict that how well the website will be ranked on search engine result pages SERPs. There is a defined range for judging the domain authority. The range starts from 0 and ends at 100.

Higher the score will mean that the website has the more ability rank. 

 - Page authority is related to the authority of the content on page.

Page authority is judged by the score which is developed by Moz and it also rang from 0 to 100. It measures the strength of the page or pages and shows how well a page is going to be ranked in SERPs. 

You need to develop the External Links to your website to have a good Page authority. 

How to calculate the Domain Authority and Page Authority?

To check the Domain Authority and Page authority of your website and see your range from 0 to 100, you can calculate your range score here at Open Site Explorer.

Now lets move further to explore other elements of Off Page SEO.

3 - Bounce Rate

This is, to know that how many people visit your one website page before switching to other site. There should be a decrease in the bounce rate for your website to have a good Off Page SEO. 

Your website page bounce rate will be reduced, when you target the right audience for your content.

When you make available your content in front of the right people, who really want to read it, then bounce rate of your website will be reduced because of reader spending his or her time reading your post or content.

4 - Domain Age

Old is Gold

The age of your website domain also plays a key role in Off Page SEO. 

The older the domain name, the more reliable it is for Search Engine to show it in a search result. It also shows that the website is a legit one, which is operating for several years.

5 - Quality Backlinks

Backlink is an another element of Off Page SEO. 

You need to have a proper link building plan. Without your link building plan, you will sacrifice the traffic, which might come, if the link building plan is properly followed.

 - Quality Backlinks

More quality backlinks, on your blog or website, helps you in achieving the higher ranking in Google.

The important point here is to mention that backlinks, which you look for or take, should be the quality backlinksTo get quality backlinks, you need to show up your actions and reach to the quality links.

Although the numbers of backlinks are important but you should not go in a race for increasing the numbers of backlinks, instead your focus should be on getting the Quality Backlinks. It takes time and require your efforts.

 - Anchor Text

Backlinks should be taken with different keywords and unique anchor text. This is really very important.

For example, if your keyword is "How To Earn Money Online" and you are targeting the USA, then your anchor text would be:

- How to earn money online in USA
- Earn online in USA
- Earning online in US  etc etc

 - Links From Pages With Different SB Ranks

Another important thing in link building is to take the backlinks from those pages, which are with different SB ranks.

 - Majority of Your Backlinks Should Be Referred To Your Inner Pages

As backlinks can refer your "home page" and "inner pages", it is advisable that mostly, your backlinks, should refer to your inner pages. This is important because, if your website or blog is content rich, then backlinks referring to your inner pages content, help in generation of more traffic and content boost.

Quality backlinks are a big plus, for websites, in relation to search engine results and Google ranking.

Initially, you will face difficulties, in getting the quality backlinks, for your website but over the period of time and with consistent efforts, you can succeed in getting those quality backlinks.

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6 - Social Media

Your website ranking on search pages results also depends on the reputation of your website or blog, on social media

The social media engagements are considered by Google for ranking a website. This is also an important element of Off Page SEO.

The number of shares on social media is important but more important is who shared your content on social media

Definitely, if someone with good reputation or authority shares your site or content on social media, it will provide you more benefit in terms of Off Page SEO application.

Think that your site is shared on social media by Coca Cola or Pepsi. 

The approach to do it is to contact famous personalities and ask for the content or link share on social media. You need to convince them for share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

You can do this by showing the value of your content to those famous personalities. 

Again "Content is King".

It will be great for you, If you succeed in convincing the famous personalities, for sharing your posts. 

The larger the number of such famous shares, the more beneficial it is for your Off Page SEO strategy.

Learn how to increase the social media shares and related tactics here

In addition, your pages should have social media share buttons, to enable visitors of your website or blog, to share the content on social media easily.

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7 - Improving Website Ranking

Website ranking improves with time and requires regular updation of a website or blog. The more the content is shared on a blog, the more the chances of improvement of your website or blog ranking.

Ranking is also improved, when targeted keywords are appropriately placed and used, on the blog or website. Ranking shows the authority of your website and good ranked websites become famous and generates traffic easily.

8 - Profile Linking With Blog or Website

If your website is content rich then your site must show the identity of you. This is important because readers coming on your website or blog, for reading the stuff, want to see the profile of website or blog owner. It gives readers confidence.

It is always advisable, to clearly show your introduction and background to your readers.


Off Page SEO is very important to have your webpage or site ranked on search engine results page SERPs. As we know that On Page SEO has its own significance which is directly related to website or blog, similarly Off Page activities can not be ignored or compromised. 

I hope this step wise guide will help you in optimizing your website or blog and generate good numbers of organic traffic.

Here you can see that both On Page and Off Page SEO go almost together, therefore, focus should be on both since inception. 

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