Marketing on Facebook "Turns Users Into Customers"

Facebook Marketing Turns Visitors Into Customers

Facebook is one of the coolest and amazing social media platform with billions of monthly users, from all over the world, who connect with friends and family members, to share information, articles, news and discover other things, that really matters for them. 

Facebook users are increasing day by day, with no certain cut down in numbers. The majority of the users are of the age 25 years and more.

The importance of social media increases because billions of people from different backgrounds, use these platforms, for social activities and information sharing.

You will be surprised, if you see the users signup trend on Facebook.

Facebook team is continuously bringing new features and apps, to keep growing the user base.

In this post, I shall mention the ways of marketing businesses, through Facebook.

Let us see brief about Facebook Marketing.

Facebook Marketing

In simple terms:

Facebook marketing is a way of promoting the business or brand online to diversified and targeted audience in a cost effective manner.

The marketing opportunities are unlimited due to social media websites. 

Millions of businesses use, the Facebook apps and its services, to connect with people any time, anywhere and at any device.

Marketing on Facebook, is a great way, to find and connect with new and more customers, to build long term business-customer relationship.

Companies and businesses, spend lots of money on, the Facebook marketing because it pays off in return and this is the reason, Facebook is one of the best marketing places, in today’s competitive environment.

Lower cost but huge results, Facebook advertisement is the smartest way to promote your brand.

Online marketers have developed their focus and interest on Facebook and other social media platforms, to bring more business and value, to their clients and ultimately for their own businesses.

Promotion Is Easy Today

It is very easy today, to promote any product, service or information through paid advertisements and social networking.

Many small businesses have emerged due to easy, targeted, cheap marketing and selling on Facebook.

If you start a business today on a small scale, it is no issue to promote your products or services, anywhere you want. You can start promoting your products with just 2 to 5 dollars on Facebook.

You have to select the region, gender and other demographics before promoting your products and services. Facebook does it all accordingly.

It is really amazing. 

Brand Awareness and Traffic Generation

The online marketing is all about your preferences and objectives. You can turn a loss into a win, with continuous benefits and business prosperity.

Brand awareness and information gathering are no more issues. Traffic generation, sales leads, promotions, information gathering and sharing are now very easy with smart approach. 

Target based online advertisement on Facebook has resolved many issues, for the businesses and individuals.

Business or marketing challenges can easily be handled with Facebook.

From awareness programs to making meaningful contacts with people on the Facebook, you can easily capture attention faster than ever with mobile video. 

You have plenty of opportunities to grow your audience network and market your business.

Brand Building with Facebook

You can build your brand name with Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Facebook marketing gives you customers and identity.

Whether you are a newbie or experienced businessman, you can make your own identity in a very less period of time through Facebook marketing.

It is not a problem to sell products to dispersed customers at very cheap promotional costs. You can easily turn Facebook users in to your customers and businesses and companies are already doing it.

FB Marketing Captures Attention Faster 

The purposely created marketing videos, on the Facebook, capture the attention of users at very fast pace. Users prefer to see ads on Facebook because they spend significant amount of their time on Facebook.

It is a research that users prefer to watch small videos with some message or good content. 

Facebook resolves this issue, by providing a platform, for sharing purposeful videos, to get instant attention of users and turning them into customers.

Many renowned brands use the Facebook as a marketing tool and increase their sales and customer base every year. Various middle size companies or businesses have turned into established organizations through Facebook marketing and selling.

Different Ways of Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing takes different forms such as:

A) Video marketing through “Audience Network

B) Facebook Pages

A) “Facebook’s Audience Network” for Sharing Meaningful Videos

To market the business in the form of interactive videos, "Audience Network" gives great solution.

With “Audience Netwrok” video is no longer a passive experience and through the “Canvas” option, you can combine interactivity and videos together.

With “Audience Network”, your ads will be shown at high quality apps and sites outside of the Facebook medium to capture the users’ attention very fast.

You can easily share your marketing message in seconds.

You can reach to the audience where local TV advertisements do not facilitate in delivering the marketing message. 

Providing brands with new opportunities to connect with people in more innovative and unique ways, businesses and companies prefer to promote and work in this way.

Videos are combined with interactivity where people can easily navigate and take action on the video content.

Through the Facebook Video Marketing options and formats, capturing the attention of audience and turning that into meaningful action is not impossible today.

B) Facebook Pages

We see many Facebook pages running sharing information or selling products.

Creating a page and marketing it for generating sales lead and turning into potential customer are easy tasks for businesses now.

Everyone, who starts any business creates, sets up a Facebook page for free, manage the page, and promotes it to build the audience.

What You Need To Create Facebook Page

To create a page a category is to be selected and following are 


1 Page Name,

2 Two Photos for display and

3 A Call to Action

1 Page Name

Your age name can be your business brand name with which you operate or you can select different name keeping in view the search habits and trends of people. 

Your description in the “About” section of the page gives introduction of your business to the potential customers.

2 Display Photos

You need a profile photo and a cover photo for Your Facebook page. 

Photos matching your business name and profile, help people in better understanding of your business. 

You can use your business logo, to make a unique identity.

3 Call to Action Button

You can add a “Call to Action” at the top of the page. 

It is for the page visitors to do some desired activity like making a call to your business or visiting your website.

Itis very easy to add a call to option button on your Facebook page.

Why Are Facebook Pages Famous As a 

Marketing Tool?

Facebook pages help people in connecting with audience and sharing of products’ images or videos. 

You can share your pages with thousands of targeted people anywhere in the world in very less time.

You can start your Ecommerce business on Facebook with very low investement

Let us take an example,

Suppose that you have a ladies shoes business in NewYork city and you want to promote and sell your brand in California cheaply and effectively.

What will you do?

What are your options?

Will you try some advertisements on TV? 

Obviously no because this is not an issue today.

You will have to do the following steps:

  1. Create your page of shoes brand
  2. Share images and information on the page and 
  3. Market it through the Facebook adverts in California region and right to your targeted audience. This way, people discover your business and brand.

Tracking Facebook Page Performance

You can track the engagement and performance of your Facebook page by using “Page Insights”.

Tracking the page engagement helps you in making your page more better.

You can also create the messaging option on your page so that visitors may leave message for you. You can reply the message to those who left a message on your page.


Facebook marketing is one of the best way, to increase sales leads and grow the business by selling products to dispersed customers. It provides cost effective ways of marketing, to the right audience at the right time.

From creating a page, to sharing the ads' videos, visitors get easily turned into potential and actual customers.  

High in demand and easy to advertise options, have gathered millions of companies and businesses on Facebook marketing platform. 

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Excellent Post....!! Facebook is really very helpful platform to get highest number of customers to your business.

28 May 2017 at 01:46 ×

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook would have hardly imagined the financial potential of future applications of what he started as a site to "choose the 'hotter' person". Today Facebook presents a tremendous marketing opportunity for individuals and businesses to promote and market their brands. Read more

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