How To Register or Set Up Your Blogger Website With Google Analytics in 2017

How to register with Google Analytics for blogger sites

Google Analytics is a wonderful platform provided by Google for free to monitor the traffic and related sources coming to your website or blog. 

To get the free access to the Google analytics and its amazing services and tools, you need to get your property or website register with Analytics.

Analytics is a great solution for small and big businesses, to get the detailed insights, in to the traffic and its origin. I also use Google Analytics, to monitor the traffic coming to my website from different countries. 

It is really an amazing experience to use Google Analytics.

As we know that Google has provided so many great platforms and services to the audience to enhance their businesses and service standards.

Google also facilitate you to make money from your website or blog through it AdSense program. You just need to know How To Earn Money From Google AdSense in 2017 and after that you can start earning, if you have a website or a blog. 

For earning you need to get insight in to the traffic sources for which Analytics is there for you for free. Yes it is amazing.

As we all know that On-Page Search Engine Optimization SEO 2017 - Essential Steps and OFF-PAGE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SEO 2017 - ESSENTIAL STEPS are necessary to get the organic traffic from search engines but there we also need to analyse that traffic.

We can adjust business approach and content sharing strategies on our websites and blogs, if we know the interest and preference of our visitors, coming to our website. 

This is possible only when we analyse the visits on our websites pages and other stuff.

Google Analytics perform this task for us, where we can get to know about the visits on pages, timings, sessions, bounce rates, new sessions and average time spent on the web pages or website. 

Website Traffic and Google Analytics works for the betterment of our site and business approach. Google analytics lets you know about who visited your website, how he or she got there etc etc.

It is highly recommended to get registered with Analytics program.

Here in this article i am going to share with you the required steps, which are to be performed, to get your blogger website registered with Google Analytics.

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It is free to register in Analytics program and pretty easy.

Now we see the steps involved in Google Analytics:

Log In to Google Analytics

First you need to go to the website If you do not have google account, you need to create that first. 

If you already have a gmail or google account then you can click on the Sign In button on the top right side of the Google.

Enter your email and password and get login.

After that a website will be opened named as "Google Analytic Solution". 

SignIn Analytics

There you will see the "Sign In" button on the top right side. Click on the Sign In button. 

After clicking the Sign In button, you will see the rectangular window pop up. where at the top, the button as "Analytics" is to be pressed.

Analytics Button


After clicking on Analytics, you will come on another page. 

On that page, you have to press a button as "SIGN UP" button, on the right hand side.

Now you will be taken to another page, where you have to, provide information about your account and property

At this page you will find two buttons as,"Website" and "Mobile App"

Here as you are going to register your website with Google Analytics, so you need to be with "Website" button.

Data Filling Related To Your Website

You will find different fields to be filled up by you.

Now these are important steps:

 - In the first field named as "Setting Up Your Account", you are required to give the "Account Name". 

Here you can enter your website name, business name or brand name.

- In the next field, you are required to enter your "Website Name". Here just enter your website name. 

Like my website name is TECADDICTS, so i entered the TECADDICTS there.

- Next you have to enter the URL of your website in the field. 

Like my website URL is, which i entered there. You have to select the http:// or https:// before entering your, as the case may be.

- Next you have to choose the Industry Type. Like you can choose option of Science or Technology, if your website fits in these fields. Any one type you need to select.

- Next you will see the tab as "Reporting Time Zone". You just need to select the country from where you operate your website. 

After selecting the country, your country timezone will be displayed automatically.

- Next, you will see the data sharing options with checks marked. You can proceed as it is fro there.

- Next you will see the button as "Get Tracking ID". Click on this button.

After clicking on it, you will see the window pop up regarding Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement

You can read and click on the check there and press the button as "I Accept". This is the final step if creating the Google Analytic account.

How To Use Tracking Information and Tracking ID

After completion of this final step, you will be taken to the next page, where you will be able to see the Tracking Information and Tracking ID of your website.

- Now, you have to copy your tracking ID.

- You need to paste your tracking ID in your blogger website.

- Go to your blogger dashboard and there you will go the Settings then Others

There you will see the following: 

Google Analytics

- Now, you have to paste your Tracking ID in the tab against Analytic Web Propert ID.

- Now, save your changes.

CODE Copy Paste

- Go back to your Tracking ID page of Analytics.

There you will see a Code generated for your website. This code is to be pasted in the HTML language or coding of your blog.


- To paste the Code in to the HTML of your blog:
  • Go to the dash board of blogger and 
  • Go to the Theme option. 
  • Press the button named as "Edit HTML"
- After pressing the Edit HTML button, your blog's HTML coding will be open.

- Search the </body> tag there, in your blog's HTML coding. You can search </body> tag by pressing the CTRL + F and type in the </body>. 

You will be taken to the closing body tag.


- Paste the code which was generated by Analytics for your blog site, just above the </body> tag.

After pasting the code there, you just need to save the changes made to your HTML coding.

That's it.

You have successfully completed the required tasks and your Google Analytics monitoring traffic will start in few hours. 

Now you can enjoy the free and detailed traffic monitoring service of Google, in the form of Analytics.

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