How To Earn Money From Google AdSense in 2017

How To Earn Money With Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a service, provided by Google, for the placement of ads on the publishers' websites, to make them earn money through their websites. 

To have the Ads from AdSense, you need to have a website or blog. You can go for videos as well on Youtube and get the AdSense approved there.

Here we will cover AdSense, from website or blog point of view.

AdSense gives you amazing opportunity, to turn your passion into money or profit. 

If you are passionate about anything or a any field, and you expresses your passion in the form of writing posts on your blog or website, you can easily turn your passion into money with AdSense.

Let us explore this further.

For simplicity and easy to understand, I am dividing this article in to two main parts. 

In the 1st Part we will discuss the significance of Google AdSense. 

In the 2nd part the focus will be on the key factors and considerationsm which are important to earn good amount of money from AdSense.

Let us move to the 1st part here

Why To Choose AdSense for Earning Money?

The reliability of the AdSense program is increased, because it is run by Google itself. 

Google as we all know is the largest search engine and nearly everyone uses this great platform, to search for the required information from internet.

Google has provided various different products and services, to the visitors, which we feel honor to use.

Let us come back to the post topic.

Here, i am mentioning few reasons, which will make you understand, why Google AdSense is the best option, to earn money, for the publishers:

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Here are the reasons.

Relevant Ads

Adsense provides you with ads, which match or are relevant, to your site content.

The ads are also suitable, for your website visitors. 

The visitors of your website feel good, to view the relevant ads and do not get distracted  from the content. This creates the user engagement on the blog or website.

High Quality Ads

AdSense provides very high quality ads, to the publishers. The ads are reviewed by Google AdSense, before getting them published on a website.

The moving, relevant texts, rich media and images of the ads look superb on a website, which increase the chances of earning more money, from Google AdSense.

The ads are reviewed from the point of view of visitors, to ensure that visitors of your website feel comfortable with the ads and not get distracted or switched to another site.

You Have Control Over The Ads

You have control to manage the AdSense ads, on your website or blog under adsense program. 

You have control over:

  • Blocking an ad which you do not want to show on your website
  • Placing the ads on spaces, where you want them to appear at
  • Categories of ads that you allow

Mobile Friendly Ads

Ads which are provided by Google AdSense, to the publishers for making money are mobile friendly ads. 

Most of the visitors use mobile devices to visit a website, therefore, chances of earning money with AdSense increase due to mobile and tablet friendly ads, by AdSense.

In addition the ads provided by AdSense are adjustable on the mobile devices, according to the screen sizes. 

Users of the website do not feel uncomfortable with mobile ads.  

Performance Reports

Through the performance reports of AdSense, you can highlight the reasons which are working for you in terms of money making and the reasons which are not working.

Through performance monitoring, you feel responsibility and control over your earnings.

The performance metrics use can easily identify you with the right points, which need tweaking, to eventually increase earnings from AdSense.

Mobile Account Review

You can check your account from anywhere in your mobile devices. 

You can keep yourself updated of your earned money from AdSense program.

Through mobile performance review, you have a check over:

  • Earnings
  • Alerts
  • Performance

Best Practices of Google AdSense

To have the AdSense approval, you need to comply with the best practices, which are prescribed by Google AdSense. 

Following the Google AdSense's best practices, enables you to earn more money through advertisements.

These best practices help your website, to grow more and give high quality for the best user experiences.

These best practices of AdSense ensure the quality of your website.

Let us move to the 2nd part of this article

which is related to, how to earn with AdSense and what factors are required to be considered and followed by publishers.

Here we go.

What You Need To Get Started With AdSense Program?

You need to have fulfilled the following, to start with the process of AdSense account:

  • Gmail or Google account
  • Website, Blog or any other original content
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • ZIP Code
  • Bank details

Certified Publishing Partner

You have the option of teaming up with certified publishing partner, where you will have the expertise of third party experts, who will be managing, optimizing and setting up your AdSense account.

In this way, you can manage your AdSense account.

The optimization of your ads designs etc,  through experts' involvement increases your chances of earning more money from Google AdSense.

Now here a question arises. 

What types of sites earn more with AdSense?

Let us see.

Types of Sites That Have High and Quality Revenue From AdSense

Here for your information, different types of sites that earn more money from Google AdSense are mentioned.

So you can easily identify the money making sites and make your plans accordingly for better future, if you are yet to start or are beginners.

The sites which are: 

- focused on a particular topic 
- rich in content and 
- having high traffic 

makes it possible for publishers to earn more money from AdSense.

In addition to above fact, the three different types of sites, which are famous for earning more from Google AdSense are as follows:

1- Blog

Blog is a site, which is regularly updated for more and fresh content. Blogs earn more from AdSense program. 

The reason of "Blogs Earn More With AdSense" is that blog posts are required to be shared with audience on social media, bookmarking websites and different other forums, where people visit to learn about new or unique information.

This way traffic is generated on blog posts and that traffic turns into revenue. 

The frequency of postings on blogs, differs due to various reasons like time involved in writing the post. Some blogs are daily updated and some monthly.

Bloggers are recommended to have the ads from AdSense to earn money with Google.

2- Forum Site

Forums are the place where people participate to discuss the issues or topics. 

Forums sites do not require long articles to be written and shared, instead a particular discussion is shared for people engagement and discussion.

These types of sites also earn good amount of money with AdSense.

Forums are generally focused on some particular topic, where people who are interested in that topic participate, discuss and communicate.

3- Free Online Tool Site

Those sites which provide free online tools, also earn more money with AdSense.

"Keys Factors" To Earn More With Adsense

Apart from the types of websites which earn more with AdSense, you need to know about the key factors, to increase the chances of getting maximum benefits with AdSense.

Here are these key considerations which you must focus on, if you want to earn good money with AdSense:

- The topic which you choose must be the one which people want to know about, discuss and search;

- Keywords placed at appropriate places in the article or post

- You must bring something valuable for the readers and visitors of your website. 

- Your blog posts should be informative. If you are running discussion site, you discussion must be engaging for people and similarly for tools site, there should be some valuable tools involved.

- You should share the blog posts, discussions and tools with the audience to get the readership and engagement. 

- You must ensure that the value you provide through blog posts, actually reach to the audience, for their benefit.

- You can share your content on social media. 

- Backlinks on reliable websites are also considered here. These are the aspects of Off Page SEO


To earn good money with AdSense, you need to have a Google account, quality Blog / website with good and informative content or discussion for visitors engagement.

There are three types of websites, which earn more with the AdSense program and these sites are Blog, Discussion Sites and Tools Sites.

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Oh! Ask me about it! I have earned a lot with help of PPC and Adwords Campaign Management. I was not expecting such good results earlier but there was a tremendous growth in my business. Also, I have managed to take up my website on top in the SERPs with the help of SEO services.

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