How To Earn Money From The Blogs Through Ads in 2017

Earn money from blogging through ads

When it comes to earning from the blog, we think about different options available to us, such as Google AdSense, Infolinks etc for having advertisements on our blogs. 

There is  another money earning avenue, which almost every blogger thinks about and utilize it to monetize the blog.This is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing Is Better To Start Earning Early.

As blogging is considered, an online business in the long run, therefore, those who want to know How To Establish Online Marketing Business And Earn Money, should try the blogging field as well, if they have interest in it.

Professional bloggers earn a lot of money, which i covered in How To Become A Professional Blogger and Earn A Lot. You can explore the requirements there.

We know that Google AdSense is the best platform, for bloggers to earn money and almost every blogger or site owner, desires to have an approval from AdSense and earn through it. 

Here, in this article i am going to share the details about one of the greatest monitization option, from ads point of view and that is "".

Let us see the details of ""

What is is a global advertising technology company, which facilitates the publishers and advertisers through development of products, based on technology and related requirements. is a contextual ad network, which works under the umbrella of Yahoo and Bing. provides the traffic and monetization solutions through its innovative products and technology. 

It is considered as an alternative to the Google AdSense. Those bloggers and website owners, who do not get the AdSense approval should go for the is an invitation based network, where you can earn revenue from your online content or blog.

It is one of the largest pool of advertisers in the world. and the largest marketplaces, for the keywords targeted advertisers.

What Offers To Publishers facilitates the publishers in various professional manners. I am going to discuss them in a brief manner below.

Let us see what it offers to publishers.

1 - Advertisements Based On Context

The best thing about the is that they provide the advertisements according to the content on a website or blog

Let us take an example here.

If you have a blog page, which is focused on the content, related to the mobile phones, will display the related ads on that page. This is yo make sure that users or visitors, on a particular page, view the related ads and not get distracted. 

2- High Quality Ads

The ads provided by the are of high quality. The ads and advertisers on are filtered according to the defined.

3- More Revenue Option

If you are using ads on your blog or website, you have more chances, to increase revenue because of the relationship between ads placed and the page content. 

It increases the user engagement and finally increases more revenue.

4- Mobile Ads

You have the option of Mobile Ads, where you can monetize for every impression. 

Mobile ads are relative and relevant to the content of the page. 

You just need to activate the mobile ads feature and the rest is with to display the ads on mobile device. 

5 - Robust Targeting facilitate through the algorithms, which work in auto learning mode, for selection of appropriate ads for individual pages.

This is for ensuring the relevance of ads to the content of the page for revenue maximization and robust targeting.

6 - Customization gives the customization options, where you can adjust the ads as per your requirements, of the page's look and view.

You can pick up the ad size, according to your own preference. 

You can also leave the ad tags in auto pilot mode, where's specialist will look after your ads customization and monitor its performance, just for you. This is amazing. 

7- Dynamic Optimization

With, you have dynamic optimization option. 

For example, if you have more than one post, related to the same topic like vacations or holidays, through its dynamic optimization make decision between the two for each page. 

It eliminates the need, where you had to give time to place the ads on relevant page in this scenario. 

8 - Reporting gives you the "Reporting" control, where you can track your performance. 

The performance can be monitored in real time basis. Performance of your ads and number of impressions are easy to check. This gives full control over the performance monitoring.

You can check your revenues and date wise monitoring is not an issue here.

9 - One Account For Multiple Sites

If you have one account approved by, then you have option to use it on your other sites. This is really amazing.

What Are Basic Approval Requirements

If you are running a blog, no matter small or large, and you are placing or posting the quality and original content, your chances of getting approval from is increased.

Following points are also required, to give consideration to, before applying for ads:

  • Majority of traffic should be from US / Canada / UK
  • Content should be primarily in English language
  • Site should not contain excessive ads
  • Have reasonable visitors already using the site

I have mentioned in detail about How I Increased Blog Traffic to 1000 Per Day

How To Get Started With

To start the process of approval from, you have to send an invite and share your site address while entering your email address.

When your account is approved by after scrutiny of your blog or site, you will receive the password and designation. You must have to ensure the confidentiality of the assigned password and control over its use. 

It is to mention here that publishers' guidelines are required to be complied with during the term of agreement with

To login to, click here

What Are The Payment Options

Payments are made through PayPal or Wire transfer. Payments are made monthly based on "Click Through Revenue". Revenue payments shall be due and payable on a net 30 days basis.

The minimum payout is $100. 

In the end here, i will recommend you to apply for the as a publisher for having quality ads on your blog and earn good amount of revenue.

Kindly share your experiences of in the comments below.

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