How To Become A Professional Blogger and Earn A Lot

How To Become A Professional Blogger

Blogging is all about writing a blog post and sharing content with users or readers. Bloggers earn money through sharing their professionally written posts with followers and audience.

Their posts are so unique and original that they earn through it.

What Questions Bloggers Ask Themselves Before Writing A Post

Before writing a blog post bloggers always ask these basic questions to yourself:

  • What am i going to write on?
  • What is the objective of writing the post?
  • Have i researched properly on the topic?
  • Do i have something new and valuable to offer for my readers, which nobody did offer earlier?
  • Will my post or article be engaging?
  • How will my readers get maximum benefit through my post?
If you get the positive answers to the above basic questions, then you must write and share your stuff with the public.

Common Characteristics Of Bloggers

If we see those bloggers, who make good money from blogging, we come to know that these professional bloggers possess some common characteristics, which make them unique and build an identity.

Let us see what are the common characteristics of bloggers.

Professional bloggers possess following characteristics:
  • They are good thinkers
  • They are researchers
  • They are good readers
  • They are writers
And obviously they have good numbers of followers.

Blogging is one of the best way to start and online business and earn money.

Good Thinkers

Successful bloggers are passionate about blogging and writing. Before writing blog post, there is a need to properly think about the topic.

What do i mean by thinking here?

Bloggers think about the topic and link it with the value that they want to provide for their readers and followers.

Intelligence and creativity are two aspects, which are required in the process of thinking.

Through your intelligence, you can go deeper and deeper in to the topic, you are going to write on. This way it becomes easy for someone to get the hidden avenues or aspects which are untouched by other bloggers. 

Creativity is the ability to use the imagination to create something. Professional bloggers use their creativity to create a direction f their research and post.

This way you identify unique content and start researching in a particular direction. 

This process of thinking help you maintain focus on your identified aspects of the chosen topic.

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Good Researchers

Professional bloggers are researchers.

They read different material from different sources. They know that they have to bring something new and unique for their post.

They keep on researching until they find their way.

Professional bloggers love doing research for knowledge, identification of good material and content creation. 

They investigate about the topic in an organised and systematic way.

Let us take an example here:

If i want to write an article on "How to become a successful businessman?", then i will start researching on the businessmen who actually proved to be a success. 

I will read from different forums, blogs and websites about those personalities. 

I will try to identify the common characteristics of those successful businessmen and will creatively think about the unique selling points of those businessmen.

This research will give me approach, material and way of writing and presenting my post on "How to become a successful businessman?".

As i already mentioned above that bloggers are good thinkers, therefore they easily identify the research topics for their to be written post.

If you have thinking, research and writing habits, you can become a good blogger.

For me blogging is a field, which i personally enjoy the most.

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Good Readers


Bloggers are good readers.

But what is needed to become a good reader?

A good reader is the one who knows what he or she is reading. They know the background and source of the reading material in front of them. 

Professional bloggers creatively read the material from different reliable sources and link the ideas and messages, which they get from reading material, with their planned posts.

Professional bloggers start brainstorming from the reading phase. They start creating the structure and mind map for their post. 

Bloggers when read from different sources, try to create new and unique ways which they plan to cover in their posts.  

Good readers always ask "Why and How" questions during and after reading. These questions clarifies the issues and confusions.

I myself try to read about the topic, which i plan to write on from as many sources as i can. This gives me confidence, material and direction for my post.

Now we move on to know about "How Professional Bloggers Write A Post"

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Good Writers

Professional bloggers very well know the fact that it is all about the article or post, which will matter at the end of the day. 

Well written, unique, original and full of information article, is considered as a good article or post.

If you think, research and read properly but your written material is not engaging and interesting for readers, then all go waste.

Professional writing is an art.

Your written material will speak and vote for you and bring more readership. 

Bloggers ensure that their readers enjoy the post. They write engaging content to make sure that readers continue reading. 

How will you know that your article is a good article?

You can identify this as follows:

You have to check the behavior of your readers, which they show after reading your material and post. 

Readers are very smart and easily get an idea by just reading few initial lines of  your post, that whether to continue reading or move somewhere else. 

This is a bounce rate. I have mentioned this in my post related to Off Page SEO, where bounce rate is a part of Off Page SEO.

There are few signs which prove that written article is a good article:
  • Readers comments on the posts
  • Article or post shares on social media
  • Number of Likes on the post
FOMO Tactics

Bloggers use various tactics in writing to keep readers busy in reading their stuff like they link their material with other posts, brings facts, motivational elements and positive messages for readers.

Bloggers work on FOMO, which is Fear Of Missing Out. They write their articles and post in such a way that readers think that if they will not read the whole post or article, they are going to miss something big.

This is actually an art of writing.

You see that there are various well known writers, who have millions of readership.


Because they put an element of FOMO in their posts, which attract readers and followers. The element of curiosity in the post is the number one factor which keeps readers engage from start till end. 

Lets take an example here:

Think about an article, where the writer claims from very start of the post that you will definitely start earning money after reading this article. 

What will you do?

You will read that article. Yes. This is the psychological effect. FOMO works here. 

This increases the readership.

Think that the writer who claims that you will start earning money from very start of the post and also writes very good article and teaches you the actual and unique money making ways in the post. 

How will you react after reading that article?

You will be energized and motivated. FOMO effect.

That posts will be shared a lot by people, on different forums, organic traffic from search engine result pages will come in to read that quality and informative posts.

How bloggers earn from writing posts?

Those bloggers who are good writers and bring unique and valuable articles for readers are in demand. They earn a lot of money through writing articles and posts. Their blogs are famous with millions of readership around the world.

They earn through advertisements on their blogs. 

Companies get them hired and pay bloggers for writing about their products and services. Professional bloggers also earn from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best way for newbie bloggers to start earning money

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To become a professional blogger, you need to create the habits of thinking, research, reading and writing. Then after there comes the marketing part. 

Your objective is to write the engaging, unique and original article which must give positive thoughts and energies to your readers. Your readers should enjoy your post and get really valuable and helpful information from it.

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