How I Increased Blog Traffic to 1000 Per Day

Increase traffic on blog up to 1000 minimum daily

Blog without a good traffic is like the standing water, which does not give value to anyone. Increasing blog traffic is very essential for bloggers.

Bloggers are very much concerned about increasing traffic on their blogs and usually get confused about it when the things do not materialize. 

Bloggers and website owners use different tools and forums, such as Google Analytics, to get detailed insights about the traffic and its sources. 

You can learn here How To Register or Set Up Your Blogger Website With Google Analytics in 2017.

There are other ways of generating traffic from search engines, which is known as Search Engine Marketing SEM, which is a paid model.

In this article, i am going to share with you my experience, how i generated a minimum of 1000 daily traffic on my blog, without spending any money

If you are a blogger, then your aim must be to become a professional blogger. Right?

You should learn about How To Become A Professional Blogger and Earn A Lot, and for this you need to know and get the traffic on your blog.

I tell you that when i started blogging. i just focused on writing good content. I was not concerned and focused on getting traffic and that is why, i was not getting the traffic.

I was spending hours and hours, on research and writing articles, for my blog. The traffic was at 100 to 150 views per day that time.

Very low.

After few months of blogging and writing posts, i got frustrated and starting thinking as to, why my blog is not getting the views which i wanted

After thorough analysis and research on generating traffic, i got the point

I made a strategy which worked for me. 

Now, i easily get minimum 1000 views on my blog daily. The strategy is mentioned below, in this article for you, to increase your blog traffic. 

Here, before sharing my traffic strategy, i want to clarify you that it is not a quick way of getting traffic and requires continuous work.

Let us move on.

Here is my strategy of getting 1000 page views per day, which you can apply as well.

Content Research  

Content Is King

First of all i think about the topic, which i want to write on.

I do a keywords research from different platforms like Google Keywords Planner, which is an amazing keywords research platform. 

I note down Keywords researched and then i start searching the content on the internet based on identified keywords.

I do a proper research on the content topic, which i am going to write on. 

My research is not limited to reading few blogs posts but I try to read maximum possible content about my topic on the internet.

After reading and research, i find out common points and note them. 

This common points analysis makes me very clear about the missing part from all those blogs' posts, which i read and research.

Missing points are noted in addition to common points.

I  think a lot before producing any content and build a mind map for my whole post. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes but it pays off. 

I incorporate the missing part in my blog post in a logical manner. You have to ensure that information flow of the post, remain genuine. 

I always try to bring something new and natural for my readers and i succeed in doing this.

Why Good Content Is Necessary For Blog?

Good content is necessary to establish the worth of a blog and follow ship but it works when blog or content is shared and reached to the audience at right time.

People ask about different strategies, to increase the blog traffic and just focus on writing good content only in the hope that traffic will flow automatically.

It is not right from blog traffic point of view. 

Now let us see what is good content.

What Is Good Content For A Blog?

Good content or article has following basic rules and characteristics, which engage readers and catch their attention:

1 - Excellent and Catchy Headline
2 - Properly researched content
3 - Keywords researched and applied appropriately throughout the article
4 - Content should be unique and full of practical knowledge
5 - Properly concluded

Readers are smart and we should realize it.

Readers get instant idea after reading the headline and few initial lines of the post that whether they should continue reading or move on somewhere else.

This is basically the bounce rate for your blog and is considered as a component of SEO.

I have covered the Bounce Rate in my posts related to SEO to generate organic traffic

You can also find this comprehensive step wise guide for On Page SEO

Sharing On Social Media Platforms

Now, we shall look into other aspects of generating minimum of 1000 daily traffic, which are as follows:

  1. Content Sharing
  2. Social Media
  3. Email Marketing
  4. SEO
  5. Discussion
  6. Commenting

1) Content Sharing

The content or blog post must be shared with audience. You have to share the post with in your friend circle or colleagues. Yes it works.

Share your stuff with those who are in touch with you and trust on you. 

Share links with them through personal messages or one to one email and ask for their review responses. People love to give review responses.

You will note that after a specified period of time blog will become your identity and people recognize you as a writer and blogger. 

This is marketing.

2) Social Media Marketing

This one is very important from blog traffic point of view. 

Billions of people are registered on social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit etc.

You must have active profile on all these social media forums.

Below are the social media platforms, where you should post your article on regular basis:

Google Plus

Google Plus is amazing platform for sharing your blog and generating traffic. I personally love this forum. 

There are various groups on Google Plus with large number of registered members. 

You have to join the related groups on Google Plus and share your posts and articles with images, for readers attention, knowledge and information.

You can take part of discussions and generate traffic.


On Facebook you need to create a dedicated Facebook Page for your blog and try to increase the likes of that page. 

Continuous posting is required on this page for generating blog traffic. 

Headlines of the post should be catchy and image should be creative and good to make people click on the link.

Facebook groups are also great for sharing blog posts and traffic generation. 

Join the related Facebook groups and become part of creative discussion there. Your traffic will increase.


On your Twitter account you have to share your blog post. Try to reach the professional bloggers there and engage with them slowly. 

Learn from them and share your stuff with them for their expert opinion. It will require followup and time. 

You need to keep on trying. It will benefit you.

Retweet other important and related stuff om your Twitter page. It creates value of your account.


I share my content on LinkedIn regularly. It increases readership and generates traffic for my blog.

You need to write an article on LinkedIn, to engage the audience and increase traffic on your blog.

LinkedIn is a professional forum where millions of professionals from different fields and backgrounds are registered and they want to learn new and professional stuff.

Good practice is to share a comprehensive article every alternate day on LinkedIn and in the end mention your website URL.

Always focus on sharing professional material on LinkedIn, otherwise it will go wasted. 

If your article is good and comprehensive with conclusion, you will generate traffic on your blog from LinkedIn.


You need to make an account on Pinterest and share your pins their in the form of images. 

Pinterest is a great platform for those with established follow ship.

You need to continuously share images of your posts with links on the Pinterest. It work slowly and gradually but pays off.

3 - Email Marketing

I try to share my posts through email to the audience. 

If you have a good email addresses database, then you can get good number of traffic, on your blog post.

These points are necessary and crucial to know, before sending emails:

  • Timing of sending emails is very important. Promotional emails sent in office timings usually go wasted. 
  • People check their personal emails when they get free.
  • Excessive emails does not work and recipients do not read.
  • Emails sharing should be periodic. 
  • Email should be with catchy headlines and brief information with a proper image. People like to click on those links which is accompanied with good and colorful images.

4 - Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search engine optimization known as SEO, is a magic, which is applied on the content and website, to generate the organic traffic on a blog or website.

SEO takes time and requires continuous strategy, to make sure that posts and articles are shown in the search engine results pages SERPs, whenever relevant keywords are searched on the search engines.

Both types of SEOs that is On Page SEO and Off Page SEO are important, for generating the organic traffic and getting a ranking on Google.

I have comprehensively covered On Page SEO and Off Page SEO in my previous posts, as a step by step guide.

Read here about the Website Traffic and Google Analytics

5 - Discussions

Another very important way of generating good traffic on your blog is to take part in discussion at reliable and recommended website.

I have joined, where i actively give answers to the questions which people ask. 

I believe Quora is a great platform, where you can learn a lot and share your blogging stuff, in a smart and professional manner.

Another good platform is "Inbound" where you can discuss at various forums and market your blog.

You can also try "" for sharing your blog post and links.

6 - Commenting

Another way of generating traffic is taking part in comments section of famous and related blogs. 

Do not share your links there instead become part of creative discussion and add value for readers. 

If you give valuable comments then people follow you and visit your blog for more information and insights.

I follow this as well.


Increasing traffic on blog is a fun way process and requires combination of writing the very good article and sharing it with the people.

Social media, SEO, Emails, Discussions, Comments and Images all work in generating traffic on blog.

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