How Can Small Businesses Pay You $1000 to $10000 A Month

Social Media Marketing Business Earn$1000 to $10000 per month

Hello everybody,

I was thinking and planning about the social media marketing campaign, for a project and thought to share with you, the secrets of earning $1000 to $10000 per month, from small businesses and clients.

If you want to earn $1000 to $10000 per month, then this article is going to give you god idea about how to do it.

This is a very effective approach of, earning thousands of dollars per month, in today's time. 

No matter what people say you or what TV and other mediums are talking about, i must say that, there is more opportunity now then is ever been.

Remember that in order to earn more money and get the financial freedom, you need to be the trend catcher.

I am going to talk about a business opportunity, which is waiting for you, where you can earn $1000 to $10000 per month. People are earning already.

That opportunity is "social media marketing business" 

"How You Can Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Business and Earn Thousand of Dollars Per Month".

I am going to show you, how social media can change your life and change your income levels significantly. 

Believe me this is a huge opportunity for you in today's time. You can earn good amount of money, even working part time.

Just imagine that you can get business and more revenue, locally and from around the world. 

Yes its true

There are lots of companies and businesses around, who are ready to pay you, for managing their social media activities and marketing.

It is very important for you, to read this article and the reason is that most people never experience financial freedom. Why? Because they don't about the opportunities around there

I tell you that this social media marketing business opportunity, was not there, when i was in school or university and no one was there to tell me or give me the knowledge about, this great opportunity.

Right now, i find that most new opportunities and most new trends, to make money from social media marketing business, are open for you and just require your attention

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Story Of A Guy Earning Lots Of Money Today

Let me tell you a story of a guy, who was struggling for getting a good job to earn a better living. Someone told him and gave idea, to start an online social media marketing business. 

After research and going through the learning process, about the social media marketing business, he got a client and that client was a doctor, who paid him upfront $20,000, to manage his social media activities. 

Just imagine, how easy it is now for him to earn $1000 to $10000 per month, from a single client.

Remember that this is the time to learn and invest in yourself, to create the future you want.

Your schools, colleges and universities are not going to tell you these things. You have to learn by your own. Your success is your own responsibility.

Hard work is not required but smart work

Why To Start Social Media Marketing Business 


The number one problem for every business is to get more clients and businesses. Think that if you become a customer acquisition expert, for them and say them i will bring in more customers for you, in exchange of money, they will always say YES to the deal.

Social media is the most powerful thing in the world right now, to make the money and do marketing stuff. It is not difficult today, for any business, to get the clients from anywhere around the world. It is super powerful.

But it is also true that not every business is using social media marketing platform, to get more clients and revenue. 

So why not become a social media marketing expert and bring customers for others and earn good amount of money?


Let me tell you below, how can you get the clients for your social media marketing business or agency.

What You Need To Do To Get The Clients

To start your online social media marketing business, you have to think about the businesses operating around you. 

Do you know that Marketing on Facebook "Turns Users Into Customers"

Think about the dentist you go to, think about the mechanics, think about the stores you go to, think about your barber, think about your gym, think about your institutes etc etc.

They all need marketing to get more clients and more money.

If you have a business of marketing the businesses on social media, you can earn a lot from these small businesses.


Just go and visit their websites or other social media activities. You will be surprised that most of these businesses, would have no proper websites or social media presence. 

These businesses realize that they want social media marketing but they don't know how. I mean just imagine that there is a doctor, who is 50 years old and don't know anything about social media.

Similarly, think about other businesses and professions, where people don't know how can they expand their businesses through social media marketing.

This is your opportunity.

How To Start Online Marketing Business Step By Step

Now I tell you, how can you start your online social media marketing business, step by step.

1 - Make Your Own Website

I am not telling you to learn about the computer programming and make a website by yourself. I do not know computer programming but i know how to do a social media marketing business.

You just need to have an idea about your business and website. Any programmer can make a website for you. 

Pay attention on the search engine optimization SEO for your website. You need to know and work on:

On-Page Search Engine Optimization SEO 2017 - Essential Steps and 
Off-Page Search Engine Optimization SEO 2017 - ESSENTIAL STEPS

You need to monitor your website traffic and its sources. YOu can easily get through Google Analytics free of cost. Website Traffic and Google Analytics

Learn How To Register or Set Up Your Blogger Website With Google Analytics in 2017

2 - Create Your Social Media Presence And Market Yourself

You need to have your business present on social media first. Yes.

Perform social media marketing, for your business, as well, to get the reach, sales leads and clients.

Create a professional and appealing Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Plus and LinkedIn profiles.

Remember that you are going to start helping businesses as an expert of social media marketing, so you need to show it to the public and your prospective clients.

Pay to social media for getting more clients and reach, anywhere you want.

Do you know that through Facebook and Twitter, you can market your business in your desired regions and areas with target on other demographic factors? Yes you can.

Go and do it. Market your Facebook pages, profiles, videos, info graphics etc etc.

3 - Approach Clients

Here, you need to go to the small business operating around you. When you know the social media marketing and how to do it for others, you need to approach the businesses and people, to convince them pay you, for social media marketing of their businesses and products.

You have to email, your prospectus or social media marketing business details, to the businesses and companies operating in the world.

Remember that you can easily get the clients, if you have something to offer and prove to them.

You will need to convince by showing, how can one get more clients and businesses, through your marketing help. 

Let us link it practically:

Think about the dentist again, who want more clients from different areas of the city. You have to show him, how you will market his clinics information with the tools that are available in online social media marketing. 

Show the dentist that ads, videos, information, rates, timings etc etc can easily be delivered to large number of people in his city or town. How him the revenue and business he can generate through social media marketing. Yes. You will need to do it.

Go and take an appointment to meet him. In your appointment you need to introduce yourself and your social media marketing agency. You have to show the dentist that you are an online marketer and helps businesses grow.

Your practical examples will influence. Talk about his marketing activities and client strengths. You need to give dentist the confidence that he can get more clients and earn more money very easily.

I am sure that if you have power in your words, you will get him as your client.

4 - Offer Your Plans

You need to create the social media marketing plans for your clients. Your plan would be short term and long term.

Initially, small businesses would be interested in, to understand social media marketing and probably will opt for short terms social media marketing campaigns and pay less. 

You have to give them certain deliverable or results like, you have to show your prospective clients, the positive effects of social media marketing. 

You also need to tell them the social media forums where you would be marketing their businesses on. Below are the forums which you can use and mention to you clients:

Google Plus
Email Marketing
Search Engine Marketing etc etc

Search engine marketing is an effective way of getting the sales leads and clients directly from search engines. I have covered this in my post Search Engine Marketing SEM - Generating Traffic and Revenue

5 - Tell Them The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

You can tell businesses that if they pay you, for their social media marketing campaigns, then they will get following results or in combination:

  • More Reach
  • Sales leads
  • Clients
  • More Revenues
  • Website promotion
  • Facebook Page Promotion and likes
  • Twitter Followers
  • LinkedIn Profile building
  • Connection with other businesses and professionals

You cannot guarantee your clients that revenue will come in, but you can show them, if they do not opt for social media marketing, they are going to loose the value and opportunity of growing businesses through social media presence. 

Show them how can their start of social media marketing campaign today, benefit them in the long term. Make the deal and start earning money.


You can start your online social media marketing agency or business, if you have required knowledge and experience of online marketing. You can get the experience, by practically implementing the things for yourself in the start. Get yourself and your business market first on social media, then plan the stuff for others and make them your clients and earn thousands of dollars per month.

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