Website Traffic and Google Analytics

Website Traffic And Google Analytics

Why Website Traffic Monitoring Is Important

So much attention is paid by website owners on the traffic and its sources. 

When you will know the traffic of your website and its sources, you would be in a better position, to analyse the different sources and take steps to get the attention of your potential customers. 

Through proper traffic monitoring, you get to know who is visiting your website and from where that traffic is generated. 

Google Analytics traffic monitoring

Those websites which earn through the traffic on the site, critically analyse the traffic sources and number of visits on daily basis. 

Traffic monitoring makes you aware of the changes to be made on your website, to increase more and more traffic.

Table Of Contents

  • Traffic And Earnings Are Related
  • Your Business Success Or Revenue Is Related To The Traffic
  • Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics Work
  • How To Effectively Use Google Analytics
  • Features To Get The Maximum Out Of Google Analytics
  • How to use Google Analytics
  • How To Register Your Property
  • Set Up the Analytics Tracking
  • What Next After Creation Of Your Property
  • How To Get The Tracking ID and Snippet Code
  • How Do You Add Google Analytics To Your Website 
  • Traffic And Earnings Are Related
  • Important Terms Related To Google Analytics

There are lots of people, who earn through the advertisements on their websites and affiliate marketing. Do you know that Affiliate marketing is a business.

These people or businesses, continuously explore different ways of increasing the traffic on website, in addition to put the quality content on it.

Website no matter how good it is, if no good traffic coming in from different sources on the website, there is no point in running that website.

Your Business Success Or Revenue Is Related To The Traffic

Your business success is largely depends on the traffic and its source because this traffic can become your business customer or your revenue might also be increased directly with traffic because of advertisements and affiliate links.

Despite how tempting your product or service is, the website traffic is equally important to pay attention to. 

To make visitors to stop by your website and make purchases, you need to use advanced and effective tools for site monitoring.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google for analysis and tracking of website and its traffic. This is the most widely used service on internet nowadays, for knowing the website traffic and related stuff.

To track, analyse and get report of site traffic, Google Analytics play a role of back bone.

If you are running your website and want to know about the traffic and sources, you need to get the service of Google Analytic. 

When it is known that how Google Analytics are used, you can make necessary changes in the site, improve your site SEO, visits engagement and ultimately increase revenue.

How Google Analytics Work

It is a free web analytic service basically with great importance. Google analytics uses a small snippet of JavaScript, which is a code to be used on the pages of the website for which traffic is to be monitored.

This small snippet works when someone visits your website and collects the information on how the user interact with your website. Imagine when you know the visitors interaction details.

Collection of data, its configuration details, processing it and reporting are the main tasks which Google Analytics provides you.

Features To Get The Maximum Out Of Google Analytics

If you want to get the maximum benefits from Google Analytics, you need to use certain features which are as follows:

Connect to Google Webmaster tool
Filtration of inner traffic
Connect to AdWords
Site search 
Ecommerce tracking
Safety net profiles

These are the suggested features, which website must use to get every possible insight out of Google Analytics.

Let us move on how to use Google Analytics

You need to Signup for the Google Analytics. After making an account on Google Analytics, you need to sign in your account.

You have to register your property or website for which you want to monitor the traffic. You can add up to 50 properties on to your analytic account. 

How To Register Your Property

  • First sign in to Google Analytics
  • Click "Admin" button
  • Use meny to select the account in the "Account" column. This will be the account where you want to register the property
  • There you will find the "Property" column
  • In the "Property" column, you will find a button "Create New Property". Select it
  • Select your website or if you want to add app, you can do so
  • Enter the name of your website there
  • Enter the URL of your website or property there
  • Choose the industry category and reporting time zone
  • Now you have to click on "Get Tracking ID". After clicking on this button, your property gets created

Now you have to Set Up the Analytics Tracking

Here you have to get "your tracking ID" and the "tracking snippet code" which will be used on the pages of your website for traffic monitoring.

What Next After Creation Of Your Property

After creation of your property as mentioned above, what Analytics does is that it generates a tracking ID and the Snippet JavaScript code. 

This small snippet code will be specific to the property, which is created on Google Analytics.

How To Get The Tracking ID and Snippet Code

  • Sign in to your Analytic Account
  • Click on Admin
  • Select Account and Property from the Account and Property columns respectively
  • Now go like this way: Under "Property" click "Tracking Info" then click on "Tracking Code"

"Your tracking ID is displayed at the top of the page

To see the snippet code, see under the Website Tracking" 

Now here a question arises that:

How Do You Add Google Analytics To Your Website

To add the Google Analytics, the snippet code which you get for your property are to be copied and pasted on the webpages of your site for which you want to track monitoring. 

If you want to track every webpage of your property or website, you need to paste the snippet JavaScript code on each and every website page.

Important Terms Related To Google Analytics

Here, i am mentioning the important terms or glossary related to Google Analytics:

  • Dimension
  • Metrics
  • Sessions
  • Users
  • Page views
  • Page session
  • Average session duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Behavior
  • Campaigns
  • Goals
  • New sessions
  • Conversions
  • Acquisition
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