HTC New U Ultra Smartphone Competing With Super Brands

HTC New U Ultra Smartphone In Competition

HTC's new smartphone U Ultra is having great to offer in the competitive market where brands like Samsung, Apple and other are dominating in the market with their smartphones like iPhone7, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8.

HTC U Ultra Smartphone Looks

U Ultra smartphone is offering something new as compared to previous versions of HTC as its larger than traditional flagship.

HTC U Ultra SmartphoneRAM

The 4 GB RAM U Ultra smartphone has following reviews:


Price if HTC is marked by HTC as $ 749. Prices seems to differ in countries like in Pounds it is around 649 and AUS $1,199.

U Ultra was expected to come in UK on March 1.

Design and Features

U Ultra has dual screen design, featuring two screens. Music control and notifications functionality are available.


HTC U Utra Display SmartphoneThe smaller display has resolution of 160 * 1040. 

This smaller display is very helpful like if you are using the main screen for typing some email and at the same time, you get some notifications, from social media like FACEBOOK, this notification will not interrupt your main email screen.

You don't need to get out of screen, where you were typing your long email. 

U Ultra has Super LCD of 5.7 inch QHD main display that is 2560*1440 of resolutions. 

This display might be large for some people. Due to this display you get the picture quality amazing, which you want to be. 

U Ultra's second display offers different interfaces. This second display has options like weather, calendar, music and notifications.

Note APP

The "note app" makes users remember the reminders whenever U Ultra smartphone is opened. 

Music App

Music App is useful due to Spotify integration.

See The Weather App by Facebook

Facebook Weather App Launch

Android 7 Nougat

Android 7 Nougat is the OS which is available in U Ultra which makes it more amazing due to Sense UI which makes everything to find easily.

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HTC Sense Companion (HSC)

HTC Sense Companion (HSC) is a new AL feature of HTC U Ultra smartphone. 

This HSC feature will work out to suggest updates with the passage of time like of weather forecast, alarms, meetings reminders and holidays notification ahead.

Battery Time

Another great feature of U Ultra is that when the battery of the phone gets low, the apps are automatically disabled for the time being, to make you available with time to get to the charger for recharge the mobile smartphone.

Battery timings are good which are required of a good smartphone.

Glass Back Design

HTC U Ultra smartphone Back Design Liquid Surface
U Ultra has a back designed with Glass, which you can not see in any other smartphone available in 2017. 

This makes U Ultra unique in terms of designing. This is called by HTC as "Liquid Surface" . 

U Ultra's back is curved slightly for better grip and better feel when hold. 

As compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the U Ultra is wider.

Buttons and Sensors

Buttons are easy to reach in U Ultra. The sensors are amazing and it might be tricky sometimes to get your point to the place which you actually want to press or point out.


U Ultra is available in Black ,Blue, White and Pink colors.  

Headphone Jack

U Ultra has 3.5mm Headphone Jack and big displays for games play. 

Quality speakers make the voice more beautiful and attractive for the users and people around.

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