How To Start an E Commerce Business With Low Investment On Facebook

How To Start E Commerce Business With Low Investment on Facebook

What comes in your mind, when you think about, starting an E Commerce business? 

Have you ever tried starting your own online business? 

Do you know how can you start earning online?

These are the questions, which come in mind of an ordinary person, who is not fully aware of different avenues and forums, which are available, for the online businesses and earnings.

We are going to discuss today about, the E commerce business, which any one can easily start, with very very low investment but guaranteed results.

You can easily turn your small business into a full fledged E-commerce business. 

Read this article, to get an insight about, starting an e commerce business. This is really easy.

People generally think that starting an E Commerce business requires huge investment from the very initial stage, with lots of supporting staff for managing that business. 

This is not true.
Startinn gecommerce business online on Facebook

This stage comes when, E Commerce business flourishes and you succeed in establishing your own brand image, with market recognition and it generally occurs, over the period of years and consistency.

Initially, people get confused about the products, to be sold online to customers. 

They keep on researching on internet and watching around, what people are selling. In the end they end up with, no action. 

"No action" is equal to "No result"


It happens because generally;

- People don't have any good idea about the product,

- They have not tried selling products before,

- Worrying about failing in the business,

Do you also feel like above?

Don't worry, 

Here in this article, i am going to share some basic requirements of starting an E Commerce business, which anyone can easily fulfill and start his or her online E Commerce business, from their homes.

Think about these three questions, before starting a business. These are the core questions, which must be answered, before starting a business whether online or offline.

So what are these questions? 

Here we go..

Question No 1

What problem or problems, do you face in your daily life?

Question No 2

Are other people around you and in your city or country, face the same problem or problems?

Question No 3

Is there any solution to the problem or problems?

Question No 4

Is anyone providing that solution in the market and if yes, then to what extent, the said problem is currently being solved by others?

When you get the clear answers to the above questions and succeed in finding a problem or problems, for which there is no solution currently available in the market, then congratulate your self, as you have identified your business opportunity.

Now, you just have to convert the "Business Opportunity" identified by you, in an online platform and start providing solutions to diversified public.

The above process of starting the online business is related to, when you want to start a business on a new idea.

There is another way of starting E commerce business. 

Yes. Lets see.


Here it is..

Instead of going through the process of asking above 4 questions, you can also start an online E commerce business, by selling the general products, for which there is always a demand. To do this you have to follow the market trend. 

Like there are various products, which are the needs of people and also sold online. Such as Mobiles, Smartphones, Laptops, Food Items, Fashion products, Apparels, Shoes, Electronic items etc.

People generally buy Smartphones, Laptops, Mobiles, Clothes and other Fashion products online.

So why wait. Start selling these general items at a small level initially.

What Now?

When you finally decide about the product or product range, which you need to sell online then think about the market competition and availability of your products, from wholesale markets to retail.

How To Know The Demand Of Your Products In The Market?

It is very simple as you just need to conduct some research and ask people around whether they will buy the product to have a problem solved. 

If you get the answers in YES, then you need to starts producing or buying that product for online selling to the concerned audience.

Know About Your Customers

You need to know the people and their geographical locations, who are facing the problem which you identified above. 

Today it is very easy to connect with people due to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

To know about your prospective customers, might take time but when you successfully survey about the people and their locations, you will find it easy to sell them, your products.

Now we will see how someone can easily start an E commerce business in a very simple way:

How To Start An Online E Commerce Business With No or Little Investment

There are various ways of doing E Commerce businesses. Below are few ways which you can adopt for starting your online business.

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Here we go.

1 - Create a Facebook Page

It is free to create a Facebook page and a very easy process. You need to think about the name of your brand and Facebook page. 

Like if you are starting a business of selling Wallets, you can keep the name of your Facebook page as "Waller Inn" or "Waller Mart" etc etc. 

The name you choose for your business matters a lot in an online E commerce business. So think carefully about it.

Mention information about your products on your Facebook page, so that visitors of your Facebook page might know your product range and general information about your business activities.

Your cover and display photos must be related to your business and products which you are going to sell through Facebook.

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2 - Design A Logo

You need to have your business logo which will be your business identity online. 

People will know your products through your Facebook page name and Business Logo. 

Logo should match your business and attractive to catch the attention of prospective customers.

3 - Upload Catchy and Professional Pictures Of Your Products

Take pictures of your products and upload on your Facebook page with general information like Product name, Quality, Sizes, Colors, Codes and other features. You can also mention the product's price. 

You need to have a supply chain of your product when you are going to start your online business. 

You don't need to buy huge quantity of products initially. Instead you just need to ensure that the product you are going to sell online is easily available in wholesale markets or not. 

4 - Increase Likes On The Facebook Page

You need to get your Facebook page to the attention of wide audience and for doing this proper marketing is required. 

Facebook offers different marketing plans for your page and posts. You can easily reach large and dispersed audience at a very cheap cost by paying to Facebook for boosting your posts on Facebook. 

Marketing through Facebook is one of the most important and effective ways of doing an E Commerce businesses. 

Think about yourself who is sitting in New York and selling products to customers in India, Pakistan, England and Dubai. This is possible through Facebook marketing.

You can visit the Facebook site for related information and their terms and conditions.

How Will You Get Your Sales Increased Online?

You can significantly increase your sales through Facebook and social media marketing. 

It also depends on your products. Like if you have a business of Cake manufacturing and selling, then Facebook will be ideal for you to boost your daily sales across your desired region.

You have to keep an online marketing budget which can be a monthly budget or weekly or daily depending on your targets. 

You need to keep in contact with the customers, who will inquire about your products and services. 

All customers questions must be answered in a professional manner. 

What About Delivering Your Products To Dispersed Audience?

You can enter in to an agreement or contract, with the distribution companies in your locality, which offer delivery and distribution services, to online businesses like TCS, Leopard etc. 

They charge you, for their services but give you amazing delivery and distribution services any location, within the country.

What Next

After a year of continuous business activities online through Facebook and social media, you will need to expand your online E commerce business. 

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Now you can establish you Business Website

Creating an E commerce websites incurs cost. You need to get your E Commerce website ready by hiring the services of professional E commerce website developers.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

All of your product range will be displayed on your E commerce website. 

To promote your website you will need to do the "Search Engine Optimization SEO", so that your website appears on the search results of Google or other search engines and people visit your website and place orders online.

Search engine optimization is a magic which is applied to the content and website to generate the organic traffic from search engine page results.

SEO is of two types On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO is related to the content and website

Off Page SEO is related to the optimization magic applied off the website.

SEO of your E commerce website is very very necessary, due to huge competition in the online market. 

Your sales can be increased significantly, if you have proper social media and website marketing plan. The proper marketing plan when applied, leads you to generate the sales and revenue.


To start an E commerce business you need to have your product identified for selling online through Facebook and E commerce websites. Supply chain must be ensured to avoid the loss of orders. 

There is no requirement of investing heavy amount initially in an E commerce business. The E Commerce business can be started with very little investment.

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