Fresh PS4 VR Reveal By Sony - APRIL 2017

PlayStation PS4 VR News  

PlayStation 4 Plus Game by Sony

Fresh PS4 VR reveal by Sony

Sony, as we know, a tech giant, confirmed about the new game which is expected to be offered next month (April 2017). 

PlayStation Plus, free indoor home video game console is ahead. 

PlayStation Plus game lovers can be able to download the new PS game from the upcoming month which is April. 

This is a booster for the PlayStation games lovers.

Sony is considering 2017, a big year for the PlayStation 4. 20 million PS4 units are expected to be sold this year, which shows the focus of Sony on this particular product in gaming industry.

There is an increasing trend in percentage terms, regarding the sales of PlayStation 4 PS4, in the previous years of Sony. 

The number of subscribers of PlayStation 4 have also increased over the years.

The officials of PlayStation 4 also claimed that community of PlayStation are increasing.

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