Windows Planning To Launch Windows 10 Cloud

10 Cloud

Windows is planning to, change, by launching a lower version of Windows 10 in coming months. 

This is to facilitate the low cost laptops. 

It is Windows 10 cloud which is expected to be launched by the Microsoft.

Windows Planning To Launch Windows 10 Cloud

This version will be seen as an alternative to Chrome OS, allowing Microsoft to target the Chrome market.

Previously the Microsoft has experienced the launch of lower version for the purpose of serving the lower cost computers. This was seen in the launch of the Windows 8 with Bing.

The Windows 10 Cloud is considered as a lower version of Windows 10. 

It is expected that Microsoft Cloud will be offered at very less to PC makers, than the Windows 10 full version.

It is likely that Windows Cloud will follow the same line for low cost or cheaper Windows 10 computers, to make them run 

Universal apps from store of Windows.Windows Cloud will use different Microsoft online tools but majorly without the desktop interface.

Release Date of Windows 10 Cloud

In Windows 10, Windows Cloud has already begun appearing asa test build. 

This makes evident that that the Microsoft is going to release the two versions together. 

It is expected that the Windows 10 Creators Update will be ion market in April. Let’s see.

It is also evident that for quite some time the Microsoft is working on another update, to Windows 10. This was revealed in in October 2016.

The latest sources and information reveals that the update has been delayed till April 2017. 

Amazing thing is that 1704 is the expected version number which gives some relevant hints, regarding the month of the year 2017. This date might be changed.

Screenshots of Windows 10 Cloud

Some early screen shots of the new OS have been revealed by Windows blog italia. 

It is claimed that the one running the Windows Cloud version is leaked.

Looks are like Windows 10 and both Evernote and slack feature. Only Windows Store apps might be compatible, which is considered as one of the most important part here.

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