What To Expect From Apple In 2017

Year 2016 was not very good for Apple. It is reported that iPhone sales were very down.  

It is to mention here that the iPhone7 remained a good phone in the market. Year 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone.
What to expect from Apple in the year 2017, in terms of its products range, is actually the main question. 

iPhone 8 – iOS 11

Apple iPhone8
Apple is prototyping for the iPhones, to have larger screen sizes with latest intel, redesigned body and OLED edge to edge display with 5.8 inch. The edges are curved.
Wireless charging, an embedded home button and many more features, are in consideration of Apple. 
It seems that at the 10th anniversary of Apple, something great is going to happen by Apple.


In previous year, it was reported that three new IPAD models were planned, for the year 2017. 
Hoping that the prediction was right, we are expecting a new second generation 12.9 inch IPAD which is Pro, new IPAD pro with 10.5 inch of display and the third one is a 9.7 inch IPAD, which is expected to be lower, in terms of its cost.
March 2017 is expected to be the month of launch for the upcoming IPADS.


Apple’s Bluetooth earbuds called BeatsX which are W1 chip enabled are expected to release in February.

Apple TV

Apple TV is also rumored to be launched in the year 2017.

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