How To Start Working Online And Earn Money

Many people ask about starting online businesses and  earning opportunities. One of the biggest advantage of doing online work is that you can earn from your home.
Do you want to start working online and explore online earning opportunities?
If yes, then this article is for you.
Below mentioned are basic guidelines or steps which you can follow in a sequence, to explore and establish online businesses and earn handsome money. 

These steps must be followed, if you really want to establish your online businesses and earn through it.

Step 1. Learn Website Development

EARNMONEYWORKINGONLINEYou can get admission to any good institute in your area or city, which offers Web Development courses. 

You must learn about the development side of the websites.

There are various languages for web development including HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA etc etc.
You can also learn about the web development from YouTube, where free tutorials are available and it requires no money, to learn from YouTube.
There are various good websites, which teach web development free of cost. One of these websites is "".
The process of web development learning ranges from 6 months to 1 year, after which you will be in a position to create different websites and have good command on basics of web development.

Why Learn Web Development?

It is necessary because you can convert or convey your business ideas in the form of your web sites and earn through it.
Further, every business need a website and its maintenance so you can also establish your own software house where web development services can be provided to clients worldwide.

Step 2. Learn About Mobile Applications

mobile applications developmentYour second step should be learning Mobile Apps development or Mobile Software development. 

There are various Mobiles Apps, which are being invented and people earn through it.
Learning about Mobile Application Development enables you, to develop different mobile application softwares, which can give you huge revenues or earnings.

Why Learn Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application development is becoming a huge market and generating bigger revenues worldwide, for mobile apps developers. 

You can provide consultancy services to clients as well in your software house.

Step 3. Learn Search Engine Optimization or SEO

searchengineoptimization SEOYour third step should be learning "Search Engine Optimization", which is also known as SEO.

Why Learn SEO?

Learning SEO is necessary and extremely important, to increase traffic on your website. SEO involves series of steps, tactics and strategies, to achieve high ranking in search results, produced by search engines like Google, Bing and other search engines.
SEO involves On page and Off page optimization techniques and strategies, to make the website search engine friendly.
Creating good content on your website, is also an important SEO strategy.

How To Learn SEO?

You can join any good institute, in your area or city, to learn SEO. If you can not join any institute due to any reason, then SEO tutorials are available on YouTube, where free classes or lectures can be taken or watched. 

You just need to carefully listen and watch the related videos on YouTube.

Why Learn SEO?

You will learn SEO to know about, how traffic can be generated on a website and increase sites visits per day. 

When you get success in generating good traffic on your website, you can do wonders in online market and generate huge revenues or money. 

Money is generated through Advertisements on your website or Affiliate Marketing, which visitors of your website see and click on.

Step 4. Establish A Blog

blog-successYou have to start a blog, to share some thing valuable to your readers. 

In blogging you can post articles on any topic or field. 

Here you have to think about the field which you like or have interest in, before creating your blog.
Once you achieve good readership or traffic on your blog, you can easily start earning through Advertisements on your blog or Affiliate Marketing. Here you will get much benefit of learning above 3 steps.
Starting a blog requires no money initially and is a simple process. Blogger and Wordpress are two famous blogging platforms, where you can start your blogging journey by following few steps there.
Why Establish A Blog?
Through blogs people are earning handsome money online. 

You can write products reviews on your blog which people want to read or share some thing unique with your readers. It all depends on your creativity and smart work.


The above 4 steps are extremely important and fundamental in your online career, which need to be implemented, to secure your online career and increasing revenue streams. 

Once you follow and implement above 4 steps successfully, you will learn much more about the online work and business opportunities.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful, as i have tried to explain the things in simplest form. You can comment below for any question or share your experiences.

About The Author:

Usman Zuberi is a Researcher, Blogger, Article and eBooks Writer, Teacher and Consultant. He also prepares and sells online lectures, on various academics subjects.
You can contact him for his above services. 
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