How To Choose Best Domain Name For Your Blog


Best Domain Name Selection

To choose domain name for your blog is very critical from the blog’s success point of view. 

Mostly people get confused about the good domain name, for their websites or blogs and ask for help from others, in the domain name selection process.
Here it should be remembered that domain name selection is a "Process consisting of steps", which i shall cover in detail in this article.

If you are planning ti buy a domain name for your website or blog, then read this article complete, as it contains the most important factors, which must be considered before, purchase of actual domain name.

Why Right Domain Name Is Important For You?

Domain name plays a vital role in building the "brand image" of your blog or website. 

The good domain name is also crucial because people search and visits those websites, having good and easy to remember domain names.

It is also important because, it has direct connection with, generating traffic on the site or blog.
Here, I am going to share the best tips for the selection of domain names, which should be applied to achieve the overall purpose of your blog.
Let’s see what these tips are:

1 Choose Dot Com (.com) Extension

It is advised that always try to choose the domain name with extension of “dot com” or “.com”.
This is because Google search engine easily detects these extensions as the primary search, instead of, other fancy domain names like “.edu”, “.photography” etc. 

Another important factor for choosing the “.com” extension is that it is most commonly used extension and people prefer to search the websites or blogs having “.com” extension.

2 Keywords Analysis

In the process of selection domain name for the blog or website, key words search is very important.
 What does it mean?
It means that you should perform, a key word search, related to the topic or field of your blog. 

By keywords searching, you get a good idea about different keywords, which are searched by people heavily or repeatedly, on the search engines.

Smart keywords, which are readily and mostly searched are recommended to you, for selection as a domain name of your blog or website.
You just need, to search on the Google, about the keywords related to your blog niche, like if you write on Fashion, you can check the related keywords on the internet and analyze those keywords. 

This will enable you to select the most appropriate domain name.

Don't worry about the domain names which are not available for you, as somebody might have already bought that. You just need to identify the best option for you. 

3 Short Name

It is recommended that, try to choose “small domain name”. Why?

Because people like those websites or blogs, having small domain names.

It is also easy to remember the small domain names and type in the search engines. People also refer websites having smaller domain names, to others. 

Small domain name also plays, a significant role, in the generation of traffic on the blog or website. 

You can think of “” which is easy to remember and small in size. 

Other example of small domain name is “”.

4 Choose A Unique Name

Domain name should be very unique and catchy. 

People get attracted towards the unique domain names and try to remember the same. 

So it is advised you that, choose the relevant, unique and catchy domain name, for your site or blog.

5 Avoid Hyphens

You should avoid using hyphens in the domain name. 

Search engines do not easily recognize those domain names having hyphens like(-). So do not use them. It might compromise the potential traffic on your website or blog.

Have you ever searched for a website, having hyphen, in its name. Probably no, because it is not best practice and not recommended.

6 Avoid Using Double Letters In Domain Name

In the selection of your website domain name, always avoid those words, which are same and repeat one after another.

Like for example, if I set a domain name as “”, I am using “sss”, which is very difficult to remember, for the visitors and yourself too.
Therefore, it is highly recommended that do not choose these types of domain names, for your blog or website.

7 Think Ahead

You should try to see and analyze your blog, in 2 to 3 years time span. 

Think like, what would be the position of your blog, if you take it seriously and what information will your website or blog, be having over the period of time.
Let’s say that you are running a blog related to “Europe Tourism”. It might be a possibility that over the period of time, you start to cover areas or countries, other then Europe. 

So if you choose the domain name, keeping "Europe tourism" in your mind, then this will not be the right domain name, for your blog or website, on long term basis.
Instead, you should think of the future of your blog and select the domain name accordingly, to make it relevant over the period of years.
People make mistakes of not thinking and analyzing the future of the blog and try to set the domain name as early as possible, which is a short term approach.


After following the above tips and avoiding the things which are Don'ts, in the selection process of a domain name, you can choose a domain name, which not only will be good when someone hears but also play a key role, in the generation of traffic on your blog site.

A good domain name is helpful to generate traffic from search engines Like Google, Bing etc.
Hopefully this article will help you in setting the best domain name for your blog and website.
In case there are any other tips which are important in the selection of the domain name, please share below in the comments section.
Thanks for reading and best of luck.

About The Author:
Usman Zuberi is a Tech Researcher, Blogger, Article and eBooks Writer, Teacher and Consultant. You can contact him for his above services.

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