Facebook Weather App Launch

Facebook new feature related to weather forecast is going to become a good addition in the Facebook mobile app or desktop site. 

Facebook Weather App Launch

This new feature of Facebook can be accessible from the "More" menu of mobile app. By going in to the "More" option you can have an insight into the weather forecast for the upcoming week or days. It is very easy to use this feature and get an instant access to the weather forecast in a particular region. This is powered by Weather.com. Facebook has confirmed the launch of new weather app.

It is to mention here that Facebook is not into weather stuff first time, instead it has previously launched versions related to weather information. Forecasts were previously added by Facebook which were related to events and places. This one now seems to be a more advanced and enhanced addition in the Facebook's weather related category.

Almost a year ago Facebook touched the weather forecast in short form which was appeared in the News Feed. This weather information was displayed on the top section of feed. 

Now Facebook ha made the Weather option as a menu item where visitors or users can go to the said menu for weather updates and forecasts. Facebook is also to offer the weather related notifications, which will make it easy to have weather notifications in one's profile. This is really amazing by Facebook but is in the test phase.

This new weather app addition by Facebook can be adjusted for having a particular location's weather information, in addition to use this app as default for your current location. 


Facebook Weather App LaunchThis feature will enable people to get the general information about the weather in the desired location. The information by this weather feed will be of such type that one can get information about the extremes of the degrees that is high and low readings in a particular period with other general weather conditions like "Cloudy", "Sunny" etc.

Symbols related to weather conditions makes this new addition more unique and attractive like in case the weather is "rainy" in a particular city then the deer hidden behind the tree might be seen. This will enable quick and effective weather information. These features are making easy for people to have information what they actually want. The objective seems to be like Facebook give all information which people might not get somewhere else easily.


This addition also makes it clear that Facebook is continuously focusing on the desired needs of its users and placing them all in one place. This weather app by Facebook is one of the examples.

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