Everyone has a dream of living life they want but very few get the desired results.

Do you want to have a life full of freedom, passion and happiness?

Obviously you want. 

I want too.

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in each and every field and it is very hard for both students and professionals, to decide the right career path.

The path which gives freedom, money and happiness is actually the right path.

Here i am going to share with you 10 different online money making ways, which you might consider for a continuous flow of income and a career choice. 

What actually required is knowledge, learning process and practical implementation.
Lets move on to explore different ways of making money.

You can generate income flows for your better living through implementing these 10 online money making ways. 

1.Writing and Selling Articles

Almost every one of us know English and can write articles on different topics.

Most of us do not know about the potential of this field due to the lack of knowledge.

Websites, blogs, companies and businesses need professional writers for writing material for them. 

Writers earn handsome money depending o the type of writing assignments.

Usually "per word rates" are charged for writing an article.

If you know English language and have good writing skills, reading and research habit, you can try your luck in this field. 

Choose the topics in which you are interested and write meaningful and engaging articles for the purpose of selling to others.
You can also write for yourself. 



You can write for your own blog and share it with people. 

Through blogging people earn lots of money in different ways, like 
  • Affiliate marketing, 
  • Advertisements and 
  • Direct selling their own products.
There are different websites, where you can register and search for writing jobs. 

These websites are:
  • Upwork.com, 
  • Freelance.com, 
  • elance.com

What Are The Qualities Of Good Article:

To write a good article you need to research a lot on the topic which you are going to write on. 

Your article should be engaging with attractive headlines.

Your article should be informative and unique with other similar topic articles.

2.Online Tutoring

There are lot of students residing abroad or in your own country / city, who want to take coaching classes online, instead of going to attend the lecture somewhere. 

This is a very demanding field.

If you can teach, you can earn good money.

What you need to do is to make an online tutoring setup and start marketing about your tutoring services.

You can market through Facebook, Google AdWords, Advertisement in newspaper or classified websites. 

Select the subject, which you are good at teaching and go on. 

You need to be active on following to get online tuition:

  • Make skype calls, 
  • Send emails to others about your online tutoring services, Make a page on Facebook and promote in targeted audience, 
  • LinkedIn.com and 
  • Twitter.com 
  • Other social media forums for spreading the words.

3. Get Paid for Online Surveys

There are various websites, which offer online survey jobs.

Business newbies want the online surveys and look for people specially students, who can do the survey jobs for them. 

Few online survey work providing sites are:
  1. My Survey
  2. Poll
  3. Toluna
You can write surveys and earn money as a part time activity.

4. eBook Writing and Selling

You can write an eBook on any topic, which you like and have good knowledge about. 

For writing eBook, there is a need to produce the content which educate people and provide useful and practical knowledge, so that people apply the same.

After writing meaningful eBook, you have to market that eBook.

How will you market it?

You can register on some eBook selling websites or sites where you can sell your courses like Udemy.com.

Other marketing forums are as follows:

  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Blog or 
  • Website

People earn handsome money through selling eBooks.

The cover of your eBook should be very attracting in addition to the contents of the book. 

It is recommended that write short eBooks but on very demanding topic, with in depth, unique and new knowledge for readers and buyers.

5. Earn Through Google Adsense

If you run your website or blog, you can monetize it with Google adsense. 

Google Adsense provides website and blog owners, one of the most reliable earning platform, for online earning. 

Under this program of Google.comafter meeting the requirements and policy of Google Adsense, you can apply for its approval.

Once approved your online earning starts, whenever some one clicks on the ads on your website or blog, which are provided under Google Adsense program. 

It requires hard work, honesty and time investment. 

Your content should be unique and original with proper website structure, to get the approval from Adsense.

6. Selling Books Through Bookscouter

You can sell old books to other students on bookscouter.

7. E Bay

If you have stuff to sale, you can start earning from eBay.com.

Selling products through eBay is a good money making avenue.

You just need to identify the product/s for selling through eBay. 

Post your products details on eBay.com, and sell them online at your targeted price.

8. Affiliate Marketing and Online Earning

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for those who want to start earning instantly, while working online.

If you have a blog or website, you can take affiliate links on your blog or site, by entering in to affiliate programs.

There are different well known affiliate programs, which can be used on your website or blog. 

Few of them are mentioned as follows:
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • eBay Affiliate etc
You can also join "commission junction" and choose the relevant affiliate for your website etc.

Here you have to share the affiliate links on your website or blog.

If the visitor buys the products through the link provided by you on your website or blog, you will earn sales referral commission. 

9. Web Development

Students who are interested in making and developing websites, can earn good amount of money by working online or offline. 

There are different web development languages, which are considered as backbone for web site development.

These languages include:

  • HTML, 
  • CSS, 
  • PHP, 
  • Java Script etc.
You can learn these programming languages by attending the Youtube tutorials or attending some professional courses.

By practicing for few weeks / months, you will become confident in making and developing websites. 

Hard work is required in getting expert in programming languages. 

How you will earn through learning these languages?

You can register on different online freelance websites such as upwork.com, elance.com etc, for getting online web development work or assignments and earn good amount of money.

You can also open your own software house for providing web development services to your clients.

10. Blogging

Blog can be created on any topic or subject. 

What is required in blogging?

Blog can be created on Blogger.com, which is free and professional.

After creating a blog, you need to apply for the domain name and hosting services. You can get these services from Godaddy.com etc 

Blogging requires sharing of quality posts and articles for your readers. 

Blogging requires hard work and takes time to pay off.

If you are passionate about any topic or subject and want to share your thoughts or writing with others, then blogging is best for you.

For good blogging, you need to:
  • Research and 
  • Read a lot
Your articles or posts should be very professional and engaging for the readers.

Readers are smart and quickly decide after reading few initial lines and heading that whether to continue reading the article or post or move some where else.

Therefore your posts and articles must be very engaging and professional.

You can earn through blogging.

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There are different ways of earning from blogging, which are as follows:

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct selling some product


Earning from online working is possible and requires identification of the field which you want to adopt for online earnings.

One can easily earn handsome money through online working. 
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