Different Ways To Get Tremendous Traffic On Your Websites and Blogs

Different Ways To Get Tremendous Traffic On Your Website or Blog
How To Generate Traffic On Your Website and Blog

Do you want your content be spread as viral? Are you struggling to generate traffic on your website or blog? 

Every professional writer, blogger and marketer want his or her content, be spread, to maximum number of people.

I myself want to share my content and articles to each and every person in this world. Because, I know that i write most practical things and spend lot of my time, on research before writing and sharing my blog posts. 

Therefore, i want to share all my research and refined articles with people.

I want recognition, as other famous people do. Remember that, if you are not looking to dominate, then you will always remain a follower. 

Only those people earn recognition and money, who knows, how to dominate in their field and to dominate you must have to bring something new.

But it is not as easy, as it looks like.

I know various professional writers and marketers, who adopt various proven strategies, to get their articles and content being noticed by mass audience. They spend lot of their time and money on their marketing strategies, to generate traffic on their websites and blogs.

Believe me, you can also generate huge traffic, without spending a single penny on advertisements, on your blog or websites.

I am going to share these proven strategies and ways in this article, which will one hundred percent increase traffic on your websites or blogs.

If you are a writer, blogger or marketing professional, you will agree that after writing a good and comprehensive article, blog posts or launching a marketing campaign, you start worrying about sharing with relevant people.

You take appropriate measures, so that maximum audience could easily reach your informative content, articles and information.

Remember that your content, articles or information cannot go viral, if it is not a solution to a particular problem.

Professional bloggers and marketing people, always try, to produce and share unique content, keeping in mind that readers will be engaged, due to extra and unique information, which they cannot easily find from other sources. 

This is not an easy task for writers and involves dedication, research and out of the box thinking, which is definitely achieved with the passage of time.

Let us see the proven strategies of generating traffic, without spending a single penny.


Always remember that this is an ongoing process of marketing your articles or blog posts and require serious dedication and consistency.

If you want to do a long term work, then these are must to follow steps in order to build up the traffic on your site. 

Only those blogs or posts are considered as good and quality, where readers gain extra knowledge and practical information.

Only writing long posts is not the objective here. Your articles and content must provide some new and useful data. 

Every reader coming to your blog or website, need a solution to a problem or want more information. If your articles are not providing the required information then believe me, writing long posts, is a waste of time.  

Therefore, be very clear that you have to educate your readers and give them what they want.

Let us move to the ways of getting your content being noticed by mass audience.

1. Email 

Email is an effective way of sharing your content, to wide number of readers in very less time. 

What you need is to have very good database of emails, especially of those, whom you want to share your posts specifically. 

Like, if you are writing on a topic related to sports than you should have emails of those personnel, who have interest in sports. 

There are various ways of getting email addresses.

 - You can use subscription box in your blog homepage and post pages;

 - Keep your eyes open for email addresses, which people share openly. 

 - You can join sports related groups on social media and participate there in discussion. In groups, people initiate some quiz or creative discussion, in which people participate. Initiate a discussion, where people share their email addresses with you.

For example, you can ask in a group that you are going to share your free eBook with people in that group. Interested people will send you messages with their email ids. Now you have to share your free eBook in return of email ids.

I have gathered huge email lists and it required a lot of time and effort. Remember that you have to provide value to users, if you want to grow your email list.

After generating email list, you need to understand that the way you gathered email ids of different people shows their interests. 

Like if you got 100 email ids by sharing your free eBook on a particular topic, then it shows that those 100 people are interested in that topic and related stuff.

Now, you have to setup your information or blog sharing strategy, in such a way that those 100 people, get regular or frequent information from you, about that topic and related stuff in which they are interested.

This is important because, people will click your link only of they are interested.

I have created a huge list of email addresses by adopting different ways. I researched a lot and spent months and adopted different techniques, to gather email addresses. 

If you want to know my strategy of generating email addresses, you can email me at liboctober@gail.com. I will send you, free copy of my proven strategies of gathering email addresses. So why are you waiting, email me and get your free copy.

2. Social Media Marketing

All of us use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms on daily basis. 

These platforms are very good resources for bloggers, article writers and marketers.

To have your written content or blog posts shared with your friends and professionals, who are registered on these platforms, you just need to share an update or article. 

This involves regular and active sharing on social media sites. 

There are thousands of examples, where an article or information shared on a social media website, got viral. This is the power of social media.

Billions of people are registered on these social media websites and spend a lot of time there. 

But social media requires some analysis and strategies, which bloggers and marketers, must understand before sharing their stuff.

 - If we take Facebook, we know that mostly youth is registered there. The age groups are from 22 to 35 mostly. So if you want to generate the traffic from the Facebook, you need to know this fact. Your content or information must be relevant for this age group audience.

Know your friends list (KYFL) on Facebook. If you do not know the friends and their preferences, you are loosing opportunities. Share relevant stuff with relevant people.

- Another great social website is LinkedIn where, mostly professionals from different qualification backgrounds are registered. 

You cannot grow or generate traffic from LinkedIn, unless your activities and content shared on LinkedIn, are not relevant and professional. 

This is because, people on LinkedIn want professional engagements and are more interested in Jobs, Businesses information and other related stuff. 

You must understand this fact, to be able to get yourself recognizable on LinkedIn.

I have more than 10,000 connections on LinkedIn and i try to share the related stuff there because i know that sharing irrelevant information and articles there will go waste.

Remember that every professional want to become rich and grow, and i shared my article
36 Signs That Show You Cannot Become A Billionaire, on LinkedIn. I got 2000 traffic per day due to this share.

- On Twitter, you need to grow your followers to generate traffic from it. Your tweets must be informative and engaging, with info graphics. There are different ways to increase the followers on Twitter. 

When you follow the people, people follow you back. But not all of the people whom you follow, will follow you in return. You just need to keep on following people and your followers list will increase as well. 

The tip here is to try to follow the relevant people. like if you are a blogger and writes on technology, then follow those people who like technology stuff. This requires some effort but there is a one proven way. 

- Google Plus is also one of the effective platform, where you can share your posts and information. 

You need to join different groups on G Plus. Read the group's requirements before sharing information and posts.

There are large number of people registered on Google Plus, which gives you amazing opportunity to promote your blog.

I can tell you the unique and most valuable way of increasing your Twitter followers. If you want to know it, email me at 
liboctober@gmail.com. I will send you a free soft copy. Hurry up, get your free copy.

3. Content Sharing Websites

There are various websites, which take the content from different writers and post them for readers. 

This helps in getting the traffic, on your articles and blogs, You easily get yourself introduced to the mass audience.

Good and professionally written article is always noticed and readers want to know about the writer. This is a very good way of building your target audience and traffic on your post or blog site.

You can also register on various websites, which are more related to discussion and Q&A type. One such great website is

I generate traffic from this website. I give answers to people there, which are related to my fields of interest.

There is another website which is a great resource for engaging and sharing articles. This is

You can read and comment on the articles of people there. You need to identify your interested fields there and read related stuff. This increases chances of getting traffic when you engage with professional writers.

4. Paid Search and Advertising

Paid search is an option, where you can pay for getting your posts or articles being displayed, on famous forums, where traffic is already high. 

This is a very good way of building your target audience and diverting traffic on your posts or blog. 

To explore this avenue, you can go to Google and search the related platforms for further details.

Advertising about posts or articles is also an option, where you might pay some thing for having your blog posts or articles displayed as advertisement on others blogs or famous sites. 

Here you need to try to get your articles being advertised on sites, which are related to your niche.

5. Bloggers Blogs

In order to attract traffic and visitors on your articles and blog posts, there is one more option. 

You have to identify the famous bloggers in your niche that are having significant traffic on their websites, on daily basis. 

Try to get the contact details of these famous bloggers and get in touch with them. Introduce yourself to these famous bloggers and writers. You have to appreciate the work of these famous bloggers as a start. 

Gradually after continuous commenting and liking the posts of famous bloggers, they will start recognizing you. 

Share your articles with these bloggers to have an expert advice. Every famous person likes to give advice to others. So avail the chance.

You might be rejected initially but if you keep on trying to contact with people in your niche, you will make your position.

Talk about their articles and posts. Try to identify some unattended avenues in their articles and humbly share with them privately.

You can also write a related article and cover those unattended areas in your own articles. This way you will get chance, where these famous bloggers will link your articles with their own. Wow, you got a back link.

In beginning you have to struggle for getting your post be approved by any of these famous bloggers, which if done will help in your blog post be noticed by mass audience. 

Remember that people love to follow those, who are promoted by other famous people.

6. Word of Mouth and Seminars

Although not very effective, to generate huge traffic but something is better than nothing. 

Try to spread the words among your friends, colleagues, neighbors, in workshops, exhibitions etc, about your articles, blog and niche. 

It all depends on your communication skills and confidence of sharing insight about your blog posts and articles. You can easily talk about your niche, when you are confident and have conducted proper research. 

Always try to educate people, and present yourself as a professional. 

7. YouTube Channel

You can also make short videos on your niche and share it on YouTube. 

This is one of the amazing way of generating traffic and build your identity.

People will subscribe your channel only, when you provide useful and good information. Try to educate people in a unique way and present the things in most easiest manner.

For example, if your articles are about education system, so you can make related videos and post on YouTube in which, you have to promote your blog or site, as well where you have posted the articles.


To get the tremendous traffic on your websites and blogs, you need to adopt proven strategies. These strategies are must to follow and every famous blogger or marketer in the world, use these strategies. 

Create your email list on continuous basis; join social media websites, discussion forums and other websites which help in generating traffic. Create videos and share with people on YouTube.
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